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PKU Treatment Centers

Cooper Hospital/University Medical Center
Southern New Jersey Regional PKU Center
Barbara Marcelo Evans, M.D., Medical Director   (856) 342-2094
Ann Starr, MS, RD, Nutritionist   (856) 342-2290

UMDNJ University Regional Metabolic Treatment Center
Anna Haratounian, M.D., Medical Director   (973) 972-3306
Sara Wiley, Clinic Coordinator   (973) 972-3306
JoAnne Friedman, MA, RD, Nutritionist   (973) 972-3308

Saint Peter’s University Hospital
Institute for Genetic Medicine
Debra-Lynn Day-Salvatore, M.D., Ph.D, FAAP, FACMG, Director
(732) 745-6659
Marynell Tabayoyong, MS, RD, Genetic Metabolic Dietician   (732) 745-6659

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Section of Metabolic Disease

Mark Yudkoff, M.D., Section Chief   (215) 590-3376
Can Ficicioglu, M.D., Ph.D, Metabolic Physician   (215) 590-3376
Brenda Weiss, BNS, RN, Newborn Screening Coordinator and Triage Nurse  
(267) 426-5363

FYI: Current thinking among medical specialists is that persons with PKU need to follow a low phenylalanine diet for life. Women of child bearing age with elevated blood levels of phenylalanine are at high risk of having infants with severe heart and/or brain defects known as Maternal PKU Syndrome. It is of particular importance that any female with PKU who may become pregnant follow a low phenylalanine diet even before she becomes pregnant. If you are a woman or female adolescent and you have PKU, speak with your doctor or call one of the treatment centers listed above for critical information.

Contact: Claudia A. Pollet, MD, MPH
Or Telephone: (609) 292-1582

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P. O. Box 360, Trenton, NJ 08625-0360
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