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ONF Convenes 5th Annual ShapingNJ Partnership Meeting

On June 6, 2013, the Office of Nutrition and Fitness convened the fifth annual ShapingNJ partnership meeting. The meeting celebrated and shared the accomplishments of the partnership over the past five years and planned for the future. Organizational representatives from 230 ShapingNJ partners were invited to attend and 160 individuals participated in the meeting.

The day featured:

  • A national snap-shot of obesity prevention efforts and their impacts from Jasmine Hall-Ratliff, Program Officer at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
  • ShapingNJ partner presentations highlighting accomplishments and examples of how to successfully implement ShapingNJ strategies.
  • A presentation sharing the impact of ShapingNJ by the numbers and how to use technology to convey data.
  • A panel presenting how ShapingNJ is using a collective impact process to coordinate New Jersey’s obesity prevention initiatives.
  • A World Café format that used interactive table discussions to obtain information and accomplishments from the field.
Evaluation Results

Overall, individuals who completed a survey evaluating the meeting viewed the meeting favorably:

  • 64% rated the overall tone and theme of the meeting “excellent” and another 30% rated it “good”.
  • 88% indicated that they will use the information from the meeting in their work.
  • 97% thought that attending the meeting was a good use of their time.

Respondents also favorably viewed the speakers, sessions and content of the meeting:

  • 3 out of 5 "strongly agreed" that the speakers were knowledgeable (62%) and the sessions were informative (58%).
  • 48% "strongly agreed" that the meeting gave them the opportunity to establish or strengthen relationships with others.
World Cafe Discussion Findings

ShapingNJ ’s partnership meeting used a World Café format to obtain feedback and information from partners about successes, information, and recommendations for moving forward. Below are some of the findings from the topics partners discussed at the meeting. To read all of the key findings, read the full briefing here.

Promising efforts happening around obesity prevention
  • Stairwell renovations to promote walking in workplaces
  • Product placement and labeling of healthy foods and beverages in corner stores
  • Taste testing new foods in early care and education centers for parents and children
  • More NJ schools meeting the Healthier US School Challenge standards
  • Bike trails, racks and lanes established in communities
  • Healthy eating policies and practices established in faith-based communities

Key Elements for Success in Obesity Prevention
  • Collaboration and teamwork with unusual partners
  • A champion that provides support at the leadership level
  • Toolkits to establish a successful model and technical assistance to implement it

Changes Not Yet Seen in Data
  • Increased number of community and school gardens
  • Increased number of venues with healthy food options
  • Increased amount of lunchtime walking and exercise in the workplace
  • Increased number of people who track their own health behaviors through mobile applications

Recommendations for the Future of ShapingNJ
  • Create common messaging that can be adapted for local needs
  • Facilitate active communication channels between partners
  • Update and create toolkits that include inexpensive, easy to implement strategies
  • Develop common data points