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New Jersey e-WIC

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What is New Jersey e-WIC?

It is an electronic card system which will replace the current paper checks/vouchers used at the Point-of-Sale (POS).  An e-WIC based benefits solution is superior to the traditional paper based solution in a number of different ways.

How will New Jersey e-WIC benefit my store?

New Jersey WIC retailers will see benefits such as:

  • Improved transaction controls;
  • Faster in-lane service; and,
  • Daily payment settlement. 

In an e-WIC environment, the cashier is no longer responsible for policing the WIC transaction.  An electronic Approved Product List (APL) reflects all approved products, and takes the decision out of the cashier's hands.  An e-WIC system provides a more streamlined POS transaction, as on average an e-WIC transaction takes only half the time to complete.  Also, e-WIC transactions are settled daily, so the retailer is often reimbursed the next business day. 

In addition to direct retailer benefits, e-WIC facilitates a better customer service experience for WIC participants through benefit redemption flexibility.  Participants will not have to shop for the entire contents of a Food Instrument in one visit, as e-WIC will allow for multiple visits to the retailer to purchase different benefits on the same prescription.  There will also be an opportunity for retailers to implement a “mixed bag” approach at the POS.

How can I get more information on New Jersey e-WIC?

New Jersey created the e-WIC website to disseminate information about the impacts of e-WIC to retailers.  This resource will serve as an introduction and will provide an overview of the benefits of e-WIC to retailers.  In the future, the e-WIC web site will also serve to provide information on retailer processes such as integrating e-WIC into the retailers POS system, certifying POS systems, and training staff expectations.  The e-WIC website will also provide access to external resources.  We have included a Glossary of Common e-WIC terms to get retailers acclimated to the language of e-WIC.


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