New Jersey's Active Influenza-like Illness (ILI) Surveillance Statistics
Week of December 11, 2000

Reports were received from 162 schools with a total enrollment of 127,722 students. The reported overall absenteeism rate was 5.95%, up slightly from 5.67% the week before.

Reports were received from 61 nursing homes with a total population of 8,603. The reported influenza-like illness rate was 1.93%, down from 2.46% the week before.

Reports were received from 51 hospital emergency departments. During the 24 hour surveillance period, a total of 4,672 patients were seen, of which 6.38% were being seen because of a respiratory influenza-like illness. This figure was down slightly from 7.79% the week before.

No laboratory tests positive for influenza in New Jersey have been reported.

These figures indicate that New Jersey is still at baseline absenteeism and illness rates and that there is no influenza-like activity in New Jersey this week.