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New Jersey Statewide Pandemic Influenza Plan

Executive Summary [pdf* 11k]

Table of Change Promulgations [pdf* 12k]

1.0   Purpose [pdf* 11k]

2.0   Authority [pdf* 11k]

3.0   Situation [pdf* 11k]

4.0   Strategy [pdf* 43k]

4.1   Pandemic Severity Index

5.0   Assumptions [pdf* 46k]

Federal Assumptions

State Assumptions

Pandemic Influenza Continuum
Novel Influenza Virus

6.0   Responsibilities [pdf* 60k]

6.1  State Government

Office of the Governor
New Jersey Office of Homeland Security Preparedness (OHSP)
New Jersey State Police (NJSP)
New Jersey Department of Health
State Epidemiologist
Senior Assistant Commissioner for Health Infrastructure Preparedness and Emergency Response
New Jersey Department of Agriculture
New Jersey Department of Human Services
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs
Division of Fire Safety
New Jersey Department of Education

6.2  Hospitals

Inter-pandemic and Pandemic Alert Responsibilities
Pandemic Responsibilities
Individual New Jersey State Agencies

6.3  Private Sector/Critical Infrastructure

Components of a Private Sector/Critical Infrastructure plan should include

6.4  Critical Infrastructure Inter-dependencies

Business Interdependencies

6.5  Critical Infrastructure Status of Operations

Critical Infrastructure Status Matrix (figure 3)

* Combined pdf from Table of Contents to VI. Responsibilities
[pdf 140k]

7.0   Operations [pdf 104k]

7.1  Concept of Operations/General

7.2. Concept of Operations/Critical Infrastructure

7.3. Concept of Operations/Continuity of Government (COG) and Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP)

  1. Fundamental Understanding
  2. COOP/COG Assumptions

7.4. Core Operations: Public Safety, Health, Utilities, Energy Food, Telecommunications

  1. Health Response (healthcare delivery, EMS, public health, mental health)
  2. Critical Infrastructure Situational Response Activity Outlines
  3. Water Sector - Situation Response Activities
  4. Electric & Gas Situation Response Activities
  5. Food Distribution
  6. Administration
  7. Logistics

7.5. Fatality Management

7.6. Personal Protective Equipment

8.0  Organization [pdf 26k]

8.1. General

8.3. PIRT Policy Group

8.4. PIRT Operations Command

9.0  Command/Control/Communications [pdf 107k]

9.1. Unified Command and Control

9.2. Integration of Federal Assets

9.3. Integration of Critical Infrastructure

9.4. Unified COOP/COG Command and Control

9.5. Unified Health/Medical Command and Control

9.6. Public Information

9.7. Communications

10.0  Ethical Considerations [pdf 20k]

11.0 Training and Exercise [pdf 12k]

APPENDIX B PIRT Operations Group Tables of Organization
APPENDIX C PIRT Communications and Radio Plan
APPENDIX D PIRT Support Facilities/Contact Information/Staffing
APPENDIX E Agency Checklists
NJ Isolation & Quarantine laws

Acronyms State Pan Flu Plan [pdf 16k]

Notes [pdf 7k]


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