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Patient Safety Indicators (PSIs)

AHRQ developed the Patient Safety Indicators (PSIs) module in an effort to assess the quality of care inside hospitals with a focus on potentially preventable complications or adverse events that patients experience during their hospital stays. PSIs are specifically intended to measure the occurrence rate of complications or adverse events from:

  • medical conditions after admission,
  • surgical procedures, and
  • obstetric procedures.

PSIs are selected as measures of patient safety on the basis of their ability to screen out conditions present on admission from conditions that develop after admission, the potential preventability of the complication, and the ability of the indicator to identify medical error.

PSIs have been able to show consistently that complication/adverse event rates vary substantially across hospitals. Evidence also suggests that high complication/adverse event rates may be associated with deficiencies in the quality of care. Widespread consensus exists that healthcare providers can reduce patient complications or adverse events by improving the overall environment of care and safety.

In 2009, legislation (S2471) was signed into law requiring that hospital-specific data on patient-safety performance and serious medical errors be included in the annual New Jersey Hospital Performance Report. The Department of Health is producing “Patient Safety Indicators – Technical Reports” as supplements to the annual Hospital Performance Reports. These technical reports cover only the 12 PSIs mandated for public reporting by law. The law also requires that the Department report on two additional adverse events – 'Air embolism'; and 'Surgery on the wrong side, wrong body part, or wrong person, or wrong surgery performed on a patient', which are not part of the AHRQ PSIs. The Department will report on these measures as analytic tools become available.

Publishing the PSIs reports is consistent with the Department’s effort to advance health care quality improvement through public reporting on hospital quality performance.

Published Reports:

View Patient Safety Indicators Summary Data

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