Division of Health Facilities Evaluation and Licensing

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Complaints and Hotlines

For the Public:

File a Complaint about a Health Care Facility

The Division investigates all complaints against health care facilities. There are four ways to file a complaint.


The Division takes on-line complaints from people who provide their names and contact information. Please visit the File a Complaint page for more information.

You can file a complaint by phone if you do not want to provide your name.

By Phone

Complaint Hotline: 1-800-792-9770

The 24-hour hotline handles consumer complaints and facility emergencies seven days a week. Patients, health care facility employees and other members of the public may file complaints about hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, home health agencies, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, comprehensive personal care homes, adult medical day care, pediatric medical day facilities, and many other licensed acute- and long-term care facilities.


You may choose to print and complete our "Consumer Resident/Patient Complaint Report" Form (AAS-60) [pdf 58k] [Word 52k]

The FAX line operates 24-hours-a-day. A Division staff member will review your complaint during regular business hours.

When faxing, please include the following information:

  • Your specific complaint
  • Your name and mailing address including zip code
  • Daytime phone number including area code

For Long Term Care Complaints, please fax your information to 609-943-4977.

For Hospitals and other acute care complaints, please fax your information to 609- 943-3013.

By Mail

Please print out and Complete the Consumer Resident/Patient Complaint Report Form (AAS-60) [pdf 58k] [Word 52k].

Mail complaints about nursing homes, assisted living, medical day care, comprehensive personal care homes, long-term care facilities, hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, home health agencies and other ambulatory or long-term care facilities to:  

New Jersey Department of Health
Division of Health Facilities Evaluation and Licensing
PO Box 367
Trenton, NJ 08625-0367

For the Health Care Industry

Our 24-hour FAX lines are available for your requests:
609-633-9060 - Long Term Care
609-633-9087 - Nurse Aides

Long-Term Care Certification Hotline - Our 24-hour automated voice information line is 609-633-9051. A staff member is available from 9am to 4pm Monday through Friday for further assistance.


Health Facilities Licensure Payments

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