Healthy School Facility Environments

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Design, Construction, Renovation, Commissioning of School Facilities

Design, Construction, Renovation, Commission of School FacilitiesAll construction, demolition, and renovation work, by its very nature, is disruptive, dusty, noisy, and potentially dangerous. School construction in or near occupied buildings requires strong protective measures to keep students and staff from getting sick or hurt -- or having their learning environments disrupted. These resources describe the protective measures that can be taken.

Healthy indoor air quality and other features that contribute to comfort, health, safety, productivity, and well-being can be designed into new or renovated schools. These resources describe the measures that can be incorporated in school design.


Parents and Students

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School Staff

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School Administrators

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Architects and Engineers

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Other Resources

  1. Healthy School Design
    1. Beware Temporary Classrooms, 2009, NJEA
    2. California Collaborative for High Performance Schools Home Page
    3. California Department of Health Services Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation Program, School Design Guide Checklist
    4. U.S. Green Building Council Home Page
  2. Site Selection for Schools
    1. Abbott District School Construction Program
    2. NJDEP Environmental Reviews of Proposed School Sites
    3. Reforming the Site Remediation Program
  3. Roofing
    1. Clear the Air During Roofing Projects, 2007, NJEA

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