Healthy School Facility Environments

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PCBS in Schools

USEPA, NJ, NY Government Agencies

PCBs in Light Ballasts

Proper Maintenance, Removal, and Disposal of PCB-Containing Fluorescent Light Ballasts: A Guide for School Administrators and Maintenance Personnel (USEPA)

PCB Lighting Ballasts in Schools – Interpretive Guidance (USEPA)

USEPA NJDEP K-12 Schools Energy Efficiency/PCBs Training Webinars)

PCBs in School Fluorescent Lights: NJ Department of Education memorandum [pdf 76k]

EPA Region 2 powerpoint: PCBs in Lighting Fixtures

PCBs in Schools NYC (USEPA)

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PCBs in Caulk

PCBs in Caulk (USEPA)

Protocol for addressing PCBs in Caulking Materials (New York DOH)

PCBs – Home Page (USEPA)

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PCB Hazards, Health and Other Resources

Old Caulk Presents a Hazard NJEA, 2010

Old Fluorescent Fixtures Pose Risk NJEA, 2011

An Unrecognized Source of PCB Contamination in Schools and Other Buildings, 2004 Environmental Health Perspectives

PCBs in Schools (photo slide show with protocol checklist) UFT and NYC School Construction Authority

PCBs in Fluorescent Light Fixtures, 2012 (UFT)

PCBs in Schools. Information on identifying, assessing and removing PCBs compiled by National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities

Health Effects of PCBs (Center for Health, Environment & Justice)

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