Healthy School Facility Environments

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State and Federal Agencies

State Agencies Responsibilities

Department of Health

Cancer control and prevention

Chemical right to know surveys/labeling

Communicable diseases

Indoor environments, asbestos, lead, mold

Occupational health compliance inspections, training, and consultation in public sector workplaces

Department of Labor and Workforce Development

Occupational safety compliance inspections, training, and consultation in public sector workplaces

NJ Workers Compensation Program

Department of Environmental Protection

Abbott district school construction program

Drinking water

Low input lawn care

Radon in schools

School bus idling

School facilities issues

School integrated pest management

Department of Education

Approves school districts five year plans and project applications

New Jersey School Security

Safe schools

Student health

Violence, Vandalism, and Substance Abuse in NJ Schools

Schools Development Authority

Manages school construction for Abbott districts and districts that receive more than 55% aid

Project Safety Manual

21st Century Schools Design Manual

Department of Community Affairs

Child-Care Center Environmental Requirements

Promulgates and oversees the enforcement of the State Uniform Construction Code (UCC). Enforces the UCC for the construction of Abbott schools

Asbestos monitors

Certified lead contractors

Department of Children and Families

Licenses childcare centers, including pre-schools for basic building code requirements.

Federal Agencies Responsibilities

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Occupational health and safety compliance for private sector schools, construction and other contractors.

Environmental Protection Agency

School environmental quality education, e.g. Tools for Schools programs

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