Quarterly Contract Monitoring Forms (QCMR) and Annex A


Vendors receiving payment(s) from the state of New Jersey must revise or correct remittance information using the "NJSTART" website.
N.J. Department of Treasury NJSTART

Forms, publications and instructional material related to the DMHAS community services contracting program are made available on this website for your easy reference and download. If you encounter any difficulty with your selections, or have additional questions, please contact the DMHAS Bureau of Contract Administration at (609) 438-4230.

Cash Advance Policy - Administrative Bulletin
Cash Flow Worksheet Advance Payment Request
Advance Payment Request Narrative
DHS Contract Manuals (CRM & CPIM)
Standard Language Document (contract "boilerplate" agreement) and Contracted State Agency Agreement
Business Associate Agreement
Notice of Licensed Public Accountant (NLPA) Form
Board Resolution Validation Form
Executive Order 129 Certification:  Source Disclosure Certification Form




Public Law 2005, Chapter 51 (McGreevey Executive Order 134) Forms

(No longer applicable for non-profit agencies - February 2008)

Click here to download Chapter 51 information

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Affirmative Action AA302 Forms and Instructions

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Agreement Form and Instructions for Electronic (ACH) Payments

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Vendor Payment Inquiry System

For more information and to sign up, please click here.

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Addictions Contract Information Management System (CIMS)

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Manual Addictions Post-Award Contract Documents

This file includes:

1. Budget Revision and Instructions (DAS-57)

2. Report of Contract Expenditures and Instructions (DAS-20a)

3. Contract Progress Report (DAS-45)

4. Report of Expenditures and Request for Reimbursement for Construction Contracts and Certification

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FY18 Mental Health Fee for Service

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Annex B - Budget Matrix:
°Budget Matrix Software Applications
°User Manual (REVISED Manual Coming Soon)

Budget Schedules

Budget Modification Signature Page
Budget Categories Before/After Summary
Program Elements Before/After Summary

Contract Information Form
Annex A Forms
QCMR Forms & Documentation

Program and Unit of Service Definitions

Cluster Form
Report of Expenditures (ROE) Summary Form
Annex C - Supporting Information
Annex C - Permanent File Checklist

Last Reviewed: 12/6/2017