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Health Officer and Registered Environmental Health Specialist Duplicate License Payment

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Local Health Departments in New Jersey

Local Health Departments in New Jersey

New Jersey Learning Management Network (NJLMN)

NJLMN is a single portal for access to public health professional education and training opportunities in both classroom and distance learning formats.  The NJLMN is a web-based system which provides ready access to continuing education, course calendars, online course registration and electronic record keeping.  A record of all completed courses and continuing education contact hours are maintained in each public health professionals’ printable personal transcript.

For licensed Health Officers and Registered Environmental Health Specialists, the NJLMN is the sole method of determining the achievement of continuing education requirements associated with annual licensure.

NewHow to Become an Approved Provider of NJ Public Health CE credits

Effective July 1, 2010, all Course Sponsor Organizations wishing to offer courses with Public Health Continuing Education credits must be approved by the New Jersey Department of Health as an Approved Provider Organization.

Organizations interested in becoming Approved Providers of New Jersey Public Health Continuing Education should follow the instructions listed below:

  1. You must have an NJLMN account.  If you don’t yet have an NJLMN account, visit

  2. You must be an NJLMN Course Sponsor with access to the Course Sponsor Office. If you don’t currently have Course Sponsor privileges, you can request to become a Course Sponsor Administrator at 
    You will be notified by NJLMN within a few days when your Course Sponsor privileges have been activated.

  3. Visit the NJLMN Library at and download and become familiar with the NJDOH CE Providership Manual. This manual outlines the terms and responsibilities associated with becoming an Approved Provider of Public Health CEs.

  4. Download and complete the "NJDOH CE Providership Agreement." (NJLMN Library at  Submit this form to the NJDOH as directed:  Mailing instructions can be found on the bottom of the form.

  5. When you are notified that your Course Sponsor privileges are activated, log in to the NJLMN Course Sponsor tool, select your Office (if applicable), and click the link for "Update Course Sponsor Contact Information For This Office."  Enter the Approved Provider Office Primary Administrator contact information into this form and click "SUBMIT" to send the form to NJDOH.

  6. Contact to alert her that you’ve submitted your Approved Provider information through the NJLMN and the mail.  Your information will be in an "approval queue" on the NJLMN.  NJDOH will review and approve your electronic information and Providership Agreement or notify you if additional information is required.

  7. NJDOH will also notify NJLMN staff that your Course Sponsor Office can be upgraded to an Approved Provider Office.  NJLMN staff will contact the Approved Provider Primary Administrator to confirm the Approved Provider Office administrator list.  At this point, you can request to add or remove administrators from your Approved Provider Office.

  8. Once your Course Sponsor Office has been upgraded to an Approved Provider Office, you will receive a notification message from NJLMN staff. Then you will be able to start creating course applications and assigning credits under the guidance of the Providership Manual.

For more information contact Angela Derry at or (609) 292-0809.   Visit NJLMN at or call (732) 933-4331.            


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