Find an Alterative Treatment Center

Change My Alternative Treatment Center

Patients can choose any ATC regardless of where they live. There is no cost to change your ATC registration and it does not require a new identification card, but patients can only be registered with one ATC at a time.

It is very important patients verify that your 30-60-90 day certification period, approved by your physician, is current and up to date. Expiration dates can be found on your profile by selecting the option to view 30-60-90 certification or by contacting your MMP approved physician.

If you choose to register with a new ATC you must follow these instructions:

  • Go to
  • Select ‘Change ATC’
  • Enter the information used to register along with your reference number (this is not case sensitive)
  • Click the drop down box and select the ATC of your choice
  • Click Save
  • If successfully completed the following message will appear in red:
    “Your record was successfully updated with new ATC information.”

Any questions relating to the new ATC can be directed to the ATC’s customer service department or by visiting their website.

Last Reviewed: 8/12/2016