Physician Registration

  • Go to
  • Select Physician Registration.
  • Provide your personal and office contact information. (as noted by the red asterisk)
    Note* only your name, office location, and phone number will be publicly displayed on the participating physicians list.
  • Provide your CDS and medical license information.
  • Indicate that you have completed medical education in Addiction Medicine and Pain Management within the past 2 years. Please type the course title or presentation that you have attended.
  • Enter desired user access information. This information will serve as your login to the registry system.
  • Indicate that you adhere to the Physician Agreement and type your full name and title.
  • Select Submit.

The MMP will review your application.  All applications will be responded to via e-mail with further instructions for finalizing your application.  Denied applicants will be provided instructions on amending your application.

Questions regarding this process will be addressed by contacting the MMP Customer Service Unit at 609-292-0424 or

Last Reviewed: 8/12/2016