NJ Health IT Operational Plan
NJ Health IT Operational Plan

New Jersey submitted its State Operational Plan for Health Information Technology to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT in October 2009 with updates in 2010.

The New Jersey State HIT Operational Plan describes implementation plans for health information technology and health information exchange (HIE) throughout the State. In addition to technology, the HIT Operational Plan addresses the project management, governance, and financial sustainability approaches to effectively implement our strategies.

Execution of this Plan will enhance the quality, delivery, and value of healthcare while supporting New Jersey’s hospitals and eligible providers in achieving and demonstrating meaningful use of Health Information Technology (HIT).

The State acknowledges that the HIT and HIE landscape at the federal and state levels is evolving, and that the New Jersey State Operational Plan is a living document requiring ongoing review, changes, and refinement. The plan, by design, is nimble and adaptable to the expected changes and evolution of HIT strategy.

State Framework: