NJ Health IT Vision
NJ Health IT Vision

We envision a New Jersey HIT environment by 2014 where:

  • All NJ consumers have a secure electronic health record that includes all health related information and services (includes behavioral health & addction services)
  • Consumers trust and are actively engaged in their healthcare
  • Patient privacy is effectively protected
  • Healthcare providers have ready access to information to support clinical decisions and care coordination
  • Healthcare outcomes and patient safety are improved
  • Healthcare costs are reduced
  • Underserved communities and special care individuals (i.e., children, disabled & long term care) have full access to the healthcare system
  • Public health surveillance capabilities are leveraged and expanded
  • Innovation drives an improved healthcare delivery system
  • New HIT employment opportunities are created and supported


NJ HIT Strategic Intents

To accomplish this vision we intend to:

  • Incent/encourage/support broad adoption of EHR and MU
  • Implement a statewide network of health information exchange
  • Implement and enforce a consumer privacy and security policy
  • Implement an effective consumer outreach and education program
  • Improve healthcare outcomes by providing the right information at the right time to support clinical decisions
  • Reduce healthcare costs through improved efficiencies and fraud detection
  • Integrate and further utilize public-health surveillance registries and databases
  • Implement programs to incent innovation in HIT
  • Implement programs to grow New Jersey's economic base in HIT
  • Establish policy and promote use of interactive PHR

And to ensure the overall program is financially sustainable