New Jersey Save3Lives: All in a Day's Work

Blood Drive Tool Kit

  • How-To Manual [pdf 86k]
    This manual provides information and instruction on how to run a blood drive from start to finish.

  • Save 3 Lives…Campaign Fact Sheet [pdf 16k]
    This fact sheet provides information on the New Jersey Workplace Blood Donor Coalition’s Save 3 Lives statewide blood donation campaign.

  • Facts About Blood Donation Sheet [pdf 16k]
    This fact sheet provides information on general blood donation.

  • Blood Donation FAQ [pdf 16k]
    This document addresses commonly asked questions about donating blood and the Save 3 Lives campaign.

  • Sample CEO/President/Blood Drive Champion Letter to Employees [word 31k]

  • Sample Letter from Department Manager to Employees [word 39k]

  • Sample Recruitment Letter from Blood Drive Champion to Potential Blood Drive Captains [word 31k]

  • Blood Drive Poster [pdf 882k]
    This poster can be customized to advertise the date and location of organizational blood drives.

  • Blood Drive Customizable Poster [word 828k]
    This poster can be customized to provide a personal testimonial from within your organization.  A placeholder for an employee picture and personal testimonial on the impact of donating blood on his/her life is included.

  • Sample Newsletter Article [word 25k]

  • Donor Card
    This card can be distributed by your organization to employees to advertise the date of the next and/or future blood drive.

  • Save 3 Lives… Payroll Insert [word 143k]

  • Save 3 Lives… Logo

  • Save 3 Lives… Logo Style Guide [pdf 330k]

One pint of blood from a single donor may save 3 lives.
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