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Mary Volpe, Blood Recipient

Video Transcript: Kevin Rigby, V.P Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Hi.  I’m Mary Volpe.  Three years ago, when I was seven months pregnant with twins, I was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder known as Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, or TTP, which causes blood clots to form throughout the body leading to significant, even fatal complications.  Following a c-section delivery of my twins, I needed over 200 units of plasma in order to survive.  Because I have a rare blood type, AB Positive, such a supply is not always available.  Thankfully, the hospital was able to get enough blood from surrounding hospitals and blood banks to treat me.  If it weren’t for people like you, I would not be here today, and my children would not know their mother.  By giving blood you’re a life saver.  Please continue your efforts in blood donation.  Some of you may have saved my life.

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One pint of blood from a single donor may save 3 lives.
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