Patient Safety Reporting System

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Voluntary Anonymous Reporting System

Pursuant to the Patient Safety Act (P.L. 2004, C.9.) and the Patient Safety Regulations (NJAC 8:43E-10.8), a voluntary, anonymous, and confidential reporting system has been developed and is now available.

The voluntary anonymous system is designed to allow employees and health care professionals practicing at a health care facility to submit voluntary anonymous reports to the Department of Health regarding preventable adverse events. Please be aware of the following regulatory requirements:

  1. Facilities are required to inform employees and health care professionals practicing at the health care facility of their option to file such voluntary anonymous reports.
  2. Facilities shall make this information available through patient or resident safety training programs and by prominently posting it in a location accessible to employees and health care professionals.

In order to submit a voluntary anonymous event, the following fields are required: the patient’s last name, the facility name at which the event occurred and the type of event. However, persons submitting the event in the voluntary anonymous system are encouraged to complete as many fields as possible.

Please note that reports should only be submitted to this reporting system if a specific patient had a serious injury related to healthcare. If you wish to make a general complaint about a health care facility, call the Complaint hotline at 1-800-792-9770 or access their web based system at

To submit a voluntary anonymous report about a serious preventable adverse event that resulted in injury to a specific patient, click the link below: