New Jersey Commission on Rationalizing Health Care Resources, Final Report 2008

The Final Report has been separated into smaller pdf files for your convenience.

Table of Contents [pdf 52k]

A Letter from the Chairman [pdf 125k]

Executive Summary [pdf 197k]

Section I:


Final Report 2008
Final Report [pdf 7m]
  Chapter 1: The Commission's Tasks [pdf 100k]
Section II:
New Jersey's Health Care System - An Overview
  Chapter 2: Population Served by New Jersey's Health Care System
[pdf 65k]
  Chapter 3: Supply and Utilization of New Jersey Acute Care Hospitals
[pdf 357k]
  Chapter 4: Analyzing Future Supply of and Demand for Acute Care Hospitals [pdf 784k]
  Chapter 5: Assessing the Financial and Operational Condition of New Jersey Hospitals [pdf 810k]
Section III:
Factors Affecting the Economics and Performance of New Jersey Hospitals
  Chapter 6: Hospital Economics 101 [pdf 660k]
  Chapter 7: State Funding for New Jersey Hospitals [pdf 97k]
  Chapter 8: The Relationship of Hospitals and Physicians [pdf 162k]
  Chapter 9: State Regulation Impacting Acute Care Hospitals [pdf 77k]
  Chapter 10: The Governance of New Jersey Hospitals [pdf 412k]
  Chapter 11: Adequacy of the Ambulatory Care Safety Net and Other Access Barriers [pdf 100k]
Section IV:
Prioritizing Financial Assistance to Financially Distressed Hospitals
  Chapter 12: Identifying New Jersey's Essential Hospitals [pdf 275k]
  Chapter 13: Supporting Essential, Financially Distressed Hospitals
[pdf 64k]
  Chapter 14: Facilitating the Closure of Non-Essential, Financially Distressed Hospitals [pdf 93k]
  Chapter 15: Improving State Oversight to Provide Greater Accountability for State Resources [pdf 106k]
Section V:
A Vision for a 21st Century Health Care System
  Chapter 16: An Information Infrastructure for New Jersey Health Care
[pdf 240k]
Appendices for Final Report
Table of Contents: [pdf 45k]
  Appendix 1: Dartmouth Atlas-Defined Hospital Referral Regions for New Jersey Area [pdf 186k]
  Appendix 2: Adjustments to Dartmouth Atlas-Defined Hospital Referral Regions to Form New Jersey Hospital Market Areas [pdf 38k]
  Appendix 3: New Jersey Acute Care Hospitals by Hospital Market Area
[pdf 42k]
  Appendix 4: New Jersey Population and Inpatient Hospital Volume Projections - Additional Information [pdf 840k]
  Appendix 5: Financial Data Sources and Considerations [pdf 40k]
  Appendix 6: Methodology for Comparing Hospitals [pdf 50k]
  Appendix 7: Issues to Address in Closing a Hospital [pdf 50k]
  Appendix 8: Final Subcommittee Reports:
    Appendix 8.1 Access and Equity for the Medically Underserved [pdf 87k]
    Appendix 8.2 Benchmarking for Efficiency and Quality
[pdf 96k]
    Appendix 8.3 Infrastructure of Healthcare Delivery
[pdf 244k]
    Appendix 8.4 Reimbursement and Payment [pdf 85k]
    Appendix 8.5 Regulatory and Legal Reform [pdf 837k]
    Appendix 8.6 Hospital/Physician Relations and Practice Efficiency [pdf 164k]


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