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The Adjustment to Vision Loss Project is a unique multifaceted program designed to assist individuals in adjusting to the loss of through their involvement in a network of peer support groups. These groups bring individuals together to receive support, exchange valuable information, and learn solutions to challenges.

The Adjustment to Vision Loss Project (AVL) is administered by Heightened Independence and Progress (hip) and funded by the New Jersey Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired (CBVI).

For more information or to participate in a peer support group, contact Susan Vanino, AVL Peer Support Coordinator, at 201 996-9100 ext. 26 or e-mail:

How can an Adjustment to Vision Loss (AVL) peer support group help me or my family member adjust to the loss of vision? 
A peer support group brings together people who share the same life situation. People with similar experiences meet and talk with one another to get emotional support, exchange helpful information and learn practical solutions. The realization that one is not alone is of great value. Someone who has shared similar experiences can offer a special kind of understanding, which is not available anywhere else.

What are the benefits of AVL professional mental health services? 

You may request the directory of mental health clinicians who have been trained by our team to understand your unique needs.

The AVL experienced team of mental health professionals provides education and training about the emotional issues of visually impaired clients. Training sessions address the rehabilitation process of these clients, psychological issues of loss and grief, and changes in lifestyles and relationships.

A telephone link line is also available to mental health professionals for clinical consultation with one of our mental health consultants.

How do I get more information? 

You, a family member or friend can call 201-996-9100 ext. 26 or e-mail: and the AVL Peer Support Coordinator, Susan Vanino will be happy to supply you with all the necessary information.


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