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Division of Mental Health Services
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The mission of the Division of Mental Health Services in New Jersey is to promote opportunities for adults with serious mental illness to maximize their ability to live, work, socialize, and learn in communities of their choice. This is accomplished through a comprehensive culturally competent system of care, including psychiatric inpatient settings and community-based support services comprised of partnerships among the Division of Mental Health Services, other State agencies, consumers, families, providers, and mental health advocates, with the understanding that adults with serious mental illness are entitled to dignified and meaningful lives.

This mission is realized in both new and existing Division programs by application of the following operating principles:

  • Services are to be delivered by means of a comprehensive system of care, which emphasizes the most appropriate, least restrictive settings to promote the highest level of functioning;
  • There must be continuity of care and coordination of services within the State and between the public and private sectors;
  • The range of services within the system of care must respond to the needs of the individual consumers and to the special populations served;
  • The Division must assure appropriate, high quality care for the State’s most severely disabled citizens in State psychiatric hospitals and for the less disabled citizens in community programs.

Division mailing address:

Division of Mental Health Services
222 South Warren Street
P.O. Box 700
Trenton, New Jersey 08625

1-800-382-6717 - Toll Free
TTD 609-777-0714

This directory is intended to provide information about mental health programs in the state of New Jersey. A wide variety of programs are offered at many locations in all twenty-one counties in the state. This directory does not attempt to provide information about all mental heath services available within the State of New Jersey. The providers listed here have been limited to only those which receive some funding from the State of New Jersey through it’s Division of Mental Health Services. In some cases this source of public funding represents only a small portion of the overall budget of the provider. In other cases the service provider is directly operated or predominately funded by the Division of Mental Health Services. In some cases community service providers offer additional programs beyond the field of mental health. Such programs may be targeted at the developmentally disabled, substance abuser or other populations. Only mental health programs are included in this directory.

Every attempt has been made to insure that the information published in this directory is current and accurate at the time of printing. However, service providers and locations do change over time so it is possible that a reference to a program included here may no longer be available. In such an event, persons are encouraged to contact the Division of Mental Health Services at 800-382-6717 for referral.
How to use this book
To best take advantage of this directory, you should answer two questions to find someone to contact for information about mental health programs and services in your area.

1. What county does the person seeking services live in?

Go to that county page in the directory. (see table of contents for page number.)

2. What mental health service(s) in the county list might be needed?

Go to that service in the county list and see what local providers are available.

Contact the local service provider and request an intake evaluation.

In an emergency situation, where there is an immediate risk of injury to people, contact your county primary screening center. The screening center listings are highlighted with capital letters in the county listing. Your county screening center is also listed in the emergency section of your local phone book under “Psychiatric Crisis Intervention Unit” or similar listing.

This book is intended to help citizens of New Jersey locate information about available mental health services in the state. You may be looking for help for yourself or for someone you care about. Brief descriptions of the mental health services are provided with each program section beginning on page 59. Read about the different types of services and try to decide what might be helpful to the person in question. If you locate a program which you think would address the person’s issues, you can then contact a local program provider for more information. The person seeking programming must begin contacts in their county of residence. Your county of residence page will identify agencies offering these programs.

The second major section of the book groups agencies by the type of program offered. If you are interested in locating all providers of integrated case management services look on pages 75and 76. Each program has their own list in this section. Agencies providing the services are arranged alphabetically. Since agencies can provide the same service at more than one location there may be multiple listings for these agencies. Mental Health Agencies can provide more than one program type and therefore, agencies are listed under as many program sections as needed.
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