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Tips on Buying Firewood in New Jersey

  1. New Jersey regulations require that except for packaged firewood and whole logs, sellers of firewood are required to sell firewood by using the term "cord" or fractional parts of a cord. A cord is defined to be the amount of firewood which would fill a space of 128 cubic feet, when the firewood pieces are stacked in a compact manner with individual pieces touching and parallel to each other.

  2. It is unlawful for a seller of firewood to advertise or sell firewood by terms such as "face cord," "rack," "pile," "truckload," etc.

  3. If the firewood is sold and delivered to your house, the seller of the firewood is required to give you a serialized delivery ticket or sales invoice containing at least the following information:

    A. The legal name and address of the seller;

    B. The name and address of the buyer of the firewood;

    C. The date the firewood was delivered;

    D. The quantity of firewood delivered and the quantity upon which the price is based, if this differs from the delivery quantity;

    E. The price of the amount of firewood delivered;

    F. The identity of the most descriptive terms commercially practicable, including any quality representation made in connection with the sale (for example, seasoned mixed hardwoods); and

    G. The serial number of the delivery ticket or invoice.
  4. Packaged firewood, which is generally sold in hardware stores and supermarkets and contains less than four (4) cubic feet of firewood, must show the net weight of the firewood and the number of pieces of firewood.

  5. To determine if you received the correct amount of firewood, you must stack the firewood pieces at a suitable location so that the pieces are touching and are parallel to each other to form one or more stacks. Then, measure and write down the length, width and height of each of the firewood stacks. By multiplying the length, width and height, you will be able to calculate the total volume of the firewood stacks and compare that to what was represented to you orally or in writing on the delivery ticket or invoice by the firewood seller. If you find that you have been shorted, you can contact the seller to correct the problem. If the seller will not correct the problem, you should call New Jersey Office of Weights and Measures at 732-815-4840. You must not burn any firewood sold and delivered to you in that transaction until the firewood is examined and remeasured by a New Jersey Weights and Measures officer.

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