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December 16, 2005

Office of The Attorney General
- Peter C. Harvey, Attorney General


Paul Loriquet

Attorney General Peter C. Harvey Announces
the Creation of a Uniform Attorney Identification Card

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NJ Attorney ID - front NJ Attorney ID - back

New Brunswick – Attorney General Peter C. Harvey today announced the creation of a uniform identification card for all attorneys in the State of New Jersey. The new I.D. card will provide attorneys and sheriffs’ officers a more efficient entry process to courthouses throughout the state.

According to Attorney General Harvey, the attorney identification card was born out of discussions with the New Jersey Bar Association, the New Jersey Sheriffs Association and the Administrative Office of the Courts. The new identification card will replace the different county bar association cards that are currently being used by private lawyers. The current county bar cards vary in design, quality and date of expiration causing greater confusion for sheriff officers. The new identification provides uniformity so that every sheriff officer at every courthouse in New Jersey recognizes one form of identification for private lawyers.

“The new identification cards provide a number of benefits because they provide uniformity in all courthouses across the state,” said Attorney General Harvey. “They will ease access for lawyers who are entering courthouses to do business, ease the screening process for sheriffs’ officers and, most importantly, heighten security.”

This new identification system does not give lawyers a license to bypass security procedures, added Attorney General Harvey. Rather, it allows sheriffs’ officers to establish separate lines or entrances for attorneys while maintaining the same level of security screening. The system is intended to provide a more efficient entry process in order to limit delays to pending cases before juries and judges.

“The NJSBA is proud to have worked with Attorney General Harvey, the Sheriffs Association and the AOC on this effort,” said Stuart Hoberman, President of the New Jersey State Bar Association. “Lawyers across the state will benefit from the use of uniform ID cards which will result in standardized identification procedures for lawyers that will facilitate entry into courthouses. It is important to emphasize that the changes announced today will not compromise security but enhance it by making the screening process done by sheriff’s officers more efficient.”

“It’s an innovative solution to a problem that has existed for decades,” said Atlantic County Sheriff James McGettigan, President of the New Jersey Sheriffs Association. “The new identification card enhances security while expediting the judicial process.”

The Attorney General announced the new identification procedure at the New Jersey State Bar Association Law Center in New Brunswick.

The Office of the Attorney General will be providing approximately $11,000 in grants to each county sheriff’s office for the purchase of a new identification processing station.

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