The Provider Plan


The Provider Plan


"L" As leaders in the 42nd RSG we lead from the front, no exceptions. Our soldiers expect and deserve the best leadership that we can provide. Officers provide planning and guidance, NCO's train and care for soldiers along with executing the commander's intent and plans.

"D" Every soldier must have an instilled sense of Duty and devotion to their unit, commander and fellow soldiers.

"R" 42nd RSG leaders must respect all their soldiers and take Responsibility for their Battalions, Companies, Platoons and Squads. This will be our key to Retention. (Reward/Retain)

"S" Selfless Service is the corner stone to The Provider Plan. Our soldiers have deployed to all conflicts in the War on Terror. We have the most experienced soldiers in the New Jersey Army National Guard. Use their talents and experience to improve and enhance your units.

"H" The 42nd RSG will improve on the time honored traditions of the Army; for example, Promotions and Social Events. Promotions are to be considered a special time for any soldier, with that we WILL hold NCO courts and Induction ceremonies. Leaders at all levels WILL have an active role. Social Events are an excellent means to increase unit cohesion and esprit de corps.

"I" Leaders at all levels need to mentor soldiers. The first lesson is Integrity; a soldier without this is useless. A Leader or Soldier with integrity will ALWAYS be a model in the Army and their local community.

"P" We as leaders are Proud of ALL elements in the 42nd RSG. Our soldiers ALWAYS say yes to the call, whether it has been to support local civilian authorities or in support of Iraqi or Enduring Freedom. We are the gleaming example of the Citizen Soldier, Team RSG is proud of all of you.







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