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Brigadier General William C. Doyle Memorial Cemetery

Phone Directory
Phone Directory

Main number: 609-738-2400

609.738.2503 Advisory Council  
609.738-2408 Arroyo, Joseph Joseph.Arroyo@njdmava.state.nj.us
609.738.2411 Berkes, Brian  
609.738.2413 D'Errico, Lee Ann Lee.Derrico@njdmava.state.nj.us
609.738.2404 DiBella, Genia Genia.Dibella@njdmava.state.nj.us
609.738.2424 Dumas, Iven C. Iven.Dumas@njdmava.state.nj.us
609.738.2403 Dzurisin, Cynthia  cyndi.dzurisin@njdmava.state.nj.us
609.758.7505 Macomber, Dennis dennis.macomber@njdmava.state.nj.us
609.738.2413 Maimone, Robin Robin.Maimone@njdmava.state.nj.us
609.758.7505 Pritchett, Twila twila.pritchett@njdmava.state.nj.us
609.738.2419 Smith, Kenneth Kenneth.Smith@njdmava.state.nj.us
609.738.2406 Wynne, Jeannie Jeannie.wynne@njdmava.state.nj.us
609.738.2412 Pitt, John  
609.758.0169 Fax , Interment  
609.758.3869 Fax, Honor Guard   
609.758.3490 Fax, Maintenance  
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