NJ Department of Military and Veterans Affairs
Administration Information & Administrative Services

Publications and Forms
Telcom Manager - (609) 530-6925
Telecom Service Request, DMAVA Form 28 (MS Word Doc)

Printing Operations - (609) 530-6895
Request for Internal Printing, PB-99 (100 kb PDF)

Vehicle Requests - (609) 530-6866
DMAVA Vehicle Dispatch Request (135KB PDF)

Cellular Telephone and Wireless Device Request Form, CTR 1 (87.5 KB MS Word Doc)

DMAVA (State) Request for Log-in ID and Password (Account Creation) Form (81kb PDF)

Computer Resources Acceptable Use Policy and Agreement (01 October, 2015)

Computer User Authorization - Department of Personnel / Management Information Systems, DPF-645 (50KB DOC)

OMB NJCFS Security Profile (377KB DOC)

Instructions for completing NJCFS Security Forms (34KB DOC)

DMAVA Consumable Office Supply Request (271KB PDF)

Dept of Treasury Vehicle Request Justification Form, ADM109-1 (95 KB PDF)



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