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USPFO Directory
Telephone Name E-mail Office
SPC Catherine Baylor
SGT Leonardo Betancur
609-562-6762 SSG Carla M. Bethea
609-562-0233 Janet M. Binnachio C-F
609-562-0144 CPT Michel Blachowski IR
609-530-6795 SSG Luis Bonet SSD-W
609-562-0247 Jill Borden C-PE
609-530-6795 Opal Bresley SSD-W
609-562-0215 1LT Steven Brill Steven.Brill@us.army.mil IR
609-562-0264 Lucy Brogle lucy.brogle@us.army.mil SSD-MM
609-562-0219 SPC Robert Brzezinski robert.brzezinski@us.army.mil A
609-562-0246 SGT Crystal Burgess crystal.burgess@us.army.mil C-MP
609-562-0231 SFC Paula Cantara paula.cantara@us.army.mil C-B
609-562-0210 COL Angelo Capolupo Angelo.Capolupo@us.army.mil C
609-562-0214 Travis Carter travis.carter@us.army.mil C
609-562-0234 SSG Jose Castro Jose.Castro@us.army.mil C
609-530-6796 MSG Edward Cihanowic Edward.Cihanowic@us.army.mil SSD-W
609-562-0235 SGT Ken Colon    
609-562-0266 SGT Javier Colquicocha Javier.Colquicocha@us.army.mil  
609-530-6792 SFC Frank Cumberland frank.cumberland@ng.army.mil DPC Web Master
609-562-0244 Bonnie Cunningham bonnie.cunningham@us.army.mil DTS
609-562-0228 CPT Malinda Dake Malinda.Dake@us.army.mil SSD
609-562-0254 SPC Zulay Davila Zulay.Davila@us.army.mil SSD-PM
609-530-6722 Evella L. Dawson evella.dawson@us.army.mil DPC
609-530-6790 SSG Fabiola deVerteuil fabiola.deverteuil@us.army.mil DPC
609-530-6762 SGT Flobert Dort flobert.dort@us.army.mil SSD-W
609-530-6795 Steven Dunston steven.dunston@us.army.mil SSD-W
609-562-0211 LTC Christopher Eads christopher.eads@us.army.mil IR
609-562-0263 SSG Brian Elg brian.elg@us.army.mil SSD-MM
609-562-0230 Jackie Furda jackie.furda@us.army.mil SSD-T
609-562-0241 SPC Laura Garcia Laura.Garcia@us.army.mil SSD-T
609-530-6788 SSG Anthony Graciani Anthony.Graciani@us.army.mil ADP
609-562-0245 Antavia Grimsley Antavia.Grimsley@us.army.mil C-MP
609-562-0259 Dennis Hasanowicz dennis.hasanowicz@us.army.mil MMB
609-562-0233 LTC (Ret) Joseph Hatrak Joseph.Hatrak@us.army.mil  
609-562-0226 Kathy Hines kathy.hines@us.army.mil PC
609-530-6795 SGT Ronald Hudrick ronald.hudrick@us.army.mil SSD-W
609-562-0265 CPL Terri Jenkins Terri.l.Jenkins@us.army.mil SSD
609-562-0383 SPC Dewey Johnson dewey.johnsoniii@us.army.mil C-MP
609-562-0242 SGT Robin Johnson Robin.Johnson@us.army.mil C
609-530-6799 CW3 Artie Kimbrough artie.kimbrough@us.army.mil SSD-W
609-530-6799 SFC Gregory E. Loats greg.loats@us.army.mil SSD-W
609-562-0222 CPT Jose Maldonado jose.maldonado@us.army.mil PC
609-562-0213 LTC Denise McCleary denise.mccleary@us.army.mil IR
609-562-0216 MAJ Robert McGehee robert.mcgehee@us.army.mil IR
609-562-0257 SGT Savary Metelus Savary.Metelus@us.army.mil  
609-562-0225 Dee Milliken dee.milliken@us.army.mil  
609-562-0254 SGT Rafael Morales rafael.morales@us.army.mil SSD-PMB
609-530-6705 CPL Quelica Olea Quelica.Olea@us.army.mil SSD-W
609-562-0212 Margaret Petrangeli margaret.petrangeli@us.army.mil C-F
609-562-0143 Letitia Queen letitia.queen@us.army.mil A
609-562-0237 Rose Reardon rose.reardon@us.army.mil C-F
609-562-0265 SPC Rance Robeson rance.robeson@us.army.mil SSD-T
609-562-0252 Arnita Russaw arnita.russaw@us.army.mil SSD-CS
609-530-6791 SGT Deane Scales deane.scales@us.army.mil DPC
609-530-6795 SGT Harold Singeltary Harold.Singeltary@us.army.mil SSD-CIF
609-562-0202 COL(Ret) Edward A. Slavin Edward.Slavin@us.army.mil A
609-530-6816 SGT Michael Smaw Michael .smaw@us.army.mil SSD-CIF
609-562-0218 Victoria Snyder victoria.snyder@us.army.mil A
609-562-0256 SGT Matthew Spencer matthew.spencer@us.army.mil  
609-562-0236 SPC Gemma Stile gem.m.stile@us.army.mil C-F
609-562-0243 Vernell Swinton vernell.swinton@us.army.mil C-MP
609-562-0238 SSG John Templin John.Templin@us.army.mil C-F
609-562-0245 John Trioll John.Trioll@us.army.mil A
609-530-6788 SSG Anthony Graciani Anthony.Graciani@ng.army.mil DPC
609-530-6789 CIV William Whitehurst william.whitehurst@njdmava.
609-562-0240 Sharon Yoder sharon.yoder@us.army.mil MP


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