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MVC forms

Most popular
OS/SS-52 Duplicate Certificate of Ownership (title) [pdf]
OS/SS-7 Application for Certificate of Ownership (title) [pdf]
OS/SS-27 Application for Certificate of Title for Vessel [pdf, rev 4/2010]
BA-62 Affidavit of Surviving Spouse [pdf]
GU-11 Renew/replace DL- out of state for extended period [pdf, rev 08/15]
GU-30 Title and register a vehicle while temporarily located out of state [pdf]
Driver History Abstract Request Form DO-21 [pdf, rev 9/2009]
Wheelchair symbol Plate/Placard Application [pdf]
Wheelchair symbol Plate/Placard Checklist [pdf]
RU-9 Refund Application [pdf]
Next-of-Kin Registry Application [pdf]

Request Records

Driver History Abstract Request- Form DO-21 [pdf, rev 2/2017]
Driver License Application Request- Form DO-11 [pdf, rev 2/2017]
Vehicle Registration Application Request- Form DO-11A [pdf, rev 2/2017]
Title Lien Search- Form DO-22 [pdf, 2/2017]
Notarized Authorization- Form DO-21A [pdf, rev 4/2008]

Change of Address Online
Failed your inspection? Emission Repair Form [pdf, rev 10/2009]
Declaration of Gender Designation Change [pdf]
BA-2 Application for Motorcycle or Moped Title [pdf]
BA-62 Affidavit of Surviving Spouse [pdf]
GU-30 Title and register a vehicle while temporarily located out-of state [pdf]
MVS-2 Vehicle Correction Application [pdf]
MR-15 Request for Medical Exemption to Apply Vehicle Sun-Screening [pdf]
OS/SS-2 Odometer Disclosure Statement [pdf]
OS/SS-7 Application for Certificate of Ownership [pdf]
OS/SS-14 Dealers- Application for Certificate of Ownership for a New Vehicle (MCO) [pdf]
OS/SS-32 Application for Certificate of Title – Homemade Trailer [pdf]
OS/SS-52 Duplicate Certificate of Ownership [pdf]
OS/SS-85c Financing Statement- procedure to add a lien [pdf]
RU-9 Refund Application [rev 6/09 pdf]
SP-121 Historic Vehicle Registration Application [pdf, rev 01/2010]
ST-10 NJ Division of Taxation Motor Vehicle Sales and Use Tax Exemption Report [pdf]
SS-66 Application for Collector Vehicle Status [pdf]
Sample H-1B 240 Day Extension Certificate [pdf]
Certification of Interlock Installation Service Provider Information [pdf]
RSC6 Vehicle Registration/Plate Status Form
SR-1 Motor Vehicle Accident Report
SP-1 Personalized License Plate Application
SP-100D Personalized Dedicated License Plate Application [pdf]
SP-120 Application For Nursing Home Resident Parking Placard [pdf]
SP-102 Person(s) With Intellectual Disabilities Transport-Parking Privileges Card [pdf]
SPU-89 Application For Remaking Of An Existing License Plate
SPU-100-C Application For Remanufacture Of License Plates
SP-24 Application for License Plates Requiring Approved Authorization
Information Sheet for License Plates Requiring Approval Authorization

For official use only
MR-4 Medical Emergency Report [pdf] For Physician/ Emergency Room use only
MR-5 Driver Examination and/or Medical Evaluation Request [pdf] For Law Enforcement/Court official use only
Title/Lien Search - Official Government Use Only Form DO-22B [pdf, rev 7/2017]
Vehicle Registration Application Request - Official Government Use Only Form DO-11B [pdf, rev 7/2017]
Driver History Abstract Request - Official Government Use Only Form DO-21B [pdf, rev 7/2017]
Driver License Application Request - Official Government Use Only Form DO-11C [pdf, rev 7/2017]

Medical Examination Report - For Commercial Driver Fitness Determination [pdf]
Application For Military Skills Test Waiver [pdf]
CDL Holder Self-Certification [pdf]
Fingerprinting Application for Commercial Bus and Limousine Drivers [pdf]
Bus Application Unit Information Flyer and declaration [pdf]
IRP-7 International Registration Plan (IRP) Application [pdf]
Business Licensing Services Customer Complaint Form

Special light permits
BLS-34 Amber Light Permit application (tow trucks, service vehicles, snow removal, USPS carrier, security services, NJDOT/NJTA/SJTA Contractor/Sub-Contractor (Consultant/Sub-Consultant) Employee) [rev 7/2011 pdf]
BLS-34a Amber Warning Light Permit Application- Public Utility Company Employee [pdf]
BLC-50 Red Light Permit application- Municipal OEM Coord [pdf]
BLC-51 Red Light Permit application- County OEM Coordinator [pdf]
BLC-56 Red Light and/or Siren Permit application [pdf]
BLC-56a Red Light Permit application- Search & Rescue [pdf]
BLC-54 Blue Light Permit application [pdf]
BLC-54a Blue Light Permit application- NJ Civil Air Patrol [pdf]
BLC-54b Blue Light Permit application- County Emergency Management [pdf]
BLC-54c Blue Light Permit application- Municipal Emergency Management [pdf]

Road crossing permit
GU-41 Application for Special Road Crossing Permit
GU-41a Application for Special Road Crossing Permit "Section A" [pdf]
GU-41b Application for Special Road Crossing Permit "Section B" [pdf]

Salvage vehicles
OS-3 Salvage Inspection Application [pdf]
OS-4 Salvage Vehicle Information [pdf]

OS/SS-37 Application for Ownership/in Insurance Company’s Possession [pdf]

OS/SS-37A Application for Ownership/in Salvage Processor’s Possession [pdf]
OS/SS-61 Application for Salvage Certificate of Title [pdf]
OS/SS-61A Application for Junk Certificate of Title [pdf]
Salvage titles: auto auction Power of Attorney guidelines [rev 9/2010, pdf]
Insurance Listing Sheet [pdf]
Salvage Title Issuance, Insurance Company - Hurricane Sandy OS/SS-37S

Abandoned vehicles and vessels
Instructions: Private Property Packet [pdf]
Instructions: Public Agency Packet [pdf]
Instructions: Repair Facility Packet [pdf]
Instructions: Abandoned Mobile Home [pdf]
Instructions: Abandoned Vessel Packet [pdf]

Seized vehicle
OS-55 Notice of Seizure of Motor Vehicle [rev 3/14 pdf]
OS/SS-57 Application for Repossession Certificate of Ownership [rev 3/09 pdf]
OS/SS-99 Instructions for Default of Security Agreement [rev 7/14 pdf]

Business licensing applications
Auto Body Repair Facility Application [pdf]
Auto Body Repair Heavy Duty Vehicle Endorsement [pdf]
Sun Screening Registration [pdf]
Leasing/Rental application: new car inspection stickers [rev 10/2010 pdf]
Leasing/Rental authorization: new car inspection stickers [rev 10/2010 pdf]

Dealer licensing applications
New and Used Motor Vehicle Dealer [pdf]
Used Motor Vehicle Dealer [pdf]
Leasing Dealer [pdf]
Junkyard Dealer [no longer licensed by NJ MVC]

Dealer registration applications
Boat Dealer Registration [pdf]
Converter Registration [pdf]
Finance Registrations [pdf]
Insurer Registration [pdf]
Leasing Registration [pdf]
Manufacturer Registration [pdf]
Non Conventional Registration [pdf]
Transporter Registration [pdf]

Inspection facilities
Diesel Emission Inspection Program [pdf]
Emission Repair Facility (ERF) [pdf]
Motorcycle Private Inspection Facility [pdf]
Private Inspection Facility [pdf]
Inspection Sticker Order Form [pdf]
New Car Dealer Inspection Sticker Order Form [pdf]

Driving schools/education
Driving School [pdf]
Driving School Authorized Agent [pdf]
Driving School Initial Instructors License Application [pdf]
Secondary School Driver Education Instructor ID [pdf]
Driver’s Education Supply Order Form (Driving School) [pdf]
Driving School Examination Card Ledger [pdf]
Driving School Endorsement Application [pdf]

School Bus Inspection
Quarterly Inspection Report [pdf]
Driver Inspection Report [pdf]
Service Repair Certification [pdf]