Identity Protection Alert

Under current Federal and State law, information that the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) maintains about you may be obtained without your permission if the request for the information meets certain criteria. For example, an insurance company may request your driving record. A person involved in an accident with you may request your insurance carrier information. The largest number of requests for driving records comes from insurance companies and employers.

The MVC does not include the social security number with any request for information unless the request involves an investigation being conducted by law enforcement.

Sometimes, customer representatives from the MVC will telephone customers to discuss their driving records or to answer questions. Generally, those calls are only initiated as a result of communications from you. The MVC does not maintain a file of telephone numbers for motorists. However, sometimes an investigation by the MVC does result in the need to contact you by phone. If you receive such a call, be sure to ask for a call back number. In addition, ask the caller which unit they work in, what their name is and the name of their supervisor. You can then call our Security & Investigations office at 609-984-5279 to verify the identity of the caller.

We urge you to be cautious before supplying personal information to anyone.

If you are concerned about identity fraud, you can learn tips for protecting yourself against ID fraud by accessing www.consumer.gov/idtheft.