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Health-Related Services


AIDS Drug Distribution Program
AIDS Health Insurance Continuation Program
Addiction Day Program Services
Adult Day Health Services
Adult Family Care (AFC), Medicaid Waiver Program
Adult Medical Day Health Services
Adult Outpatient Services
Adult Protective Services
Adult Residential Services
Alzheimer's Adult Day Services Program
Arthritis Quality of Life Program (Arthritis Foundation)
Arthritis Quality of Life Program (North Jersey)
Arthritis Quality of Life Program (South Jersey)
Assisted Living Medicaid Waiver Program
Assisted Living Program in Subsidized Housing (ALP), Medicaid Waive Program
Assistive Devices - Family Support


Cancer Education and Early Detection Program
Caregiver Assistance Program
Cares for Kids
Cash Stipends - Family Support
Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund Program
Children's Crisis Intervention Services
Children's Mental Health Services
Christ Hospital Counseling & Resource Center
Community Care Program for the Elderly and Disabled (CCPED), Medicaid Waiver Program
Community Health Centers - Federally Qualified Health Centers
Congregate Housing Services Program
Cystic Fibrosis - Chronic Disease Prevention & Control


DAS Intoxicated Driving Program
Day Program Services
Deaf Enhanced Screening Center
Deaf Enhanced Short Term Care Facility
Department of Banking and Insurance
Designated Screening Centers
Diabetic Eye Disease Detection Program - Chronic Disease Prevention & Control
Disability Determination Services - Social Security Disability


Early Intervention System
End-stage renal disease - Chronic Disease Prevention & Control
Extended Care


Family Centered Care Services (Special Child Health Services)
Family Planning Services
Food Stamp Program


Group Recovery Homes


Halfway House
Homeless Services (for the mentally ill)
Hospital Based Detoxification
Housing Resource Center
Huntington's Disease - Chronic Disease Prevention & Control


Individual Health Coverage Program
Integrated Case Management Services
Intensive Family Support Services
Intensive In-Home Services, Child
Intensive Outpatient
Intoxicated Driver Resource Centers


Jersey Assistance for Community Caregiving


Kennedy Memorial Hospital Quit Center
Kinship Navigator Program


Legal Assistance for Mental Health Clients (Systems Advocacy)
Lifeline Utility Assistance Program / Tenants Lifeline Assistance Program
Live Long, Live Well Walking Program for People Age 50 and Older
Local Health Departments
Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program


Mercer County Tobacco Dependence Program
Mercer Trenton Addiction Science Center
Methadone Maintenance
Mom's Quit Connection


NJ FamilyCare
Non-Hospital Based Detoxification


Office of the Ombudsman for the Institutionalized Elderly
Opiate Detoxification
Osteoporosis: Project Healthy Bones
Outpatient Adult/Child Services
Outpatient Child Services
Outpatient Detoxification


Partial Care and Partial Hospitalization, Child
Personal Care - Family Support
Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged and Disabled
Postpartum Depression Family Health Line
Program of Assertive Community Treatment


Rapid HIV Testing
Residential Long Term or Therapeutic Community
Residential Services for Children
Residential Short Term


Saint Barnabas Quit Center Newark
Saint Barnabas Quit Center Toms River
Self-Help Centers
Senior Gold Prescription Discount Program
Shore Memorial Hospital Quit Center
Short Term Care Facility
Small Employer Health Benefits Program
Somerset Medical Center Quit Center
Special Auto Insurance Policy
St. Barnabas Behavior Health Network Quit Center
State & County Psychiatric Hospitals
State Health Insurance Assistance Program
Statewide Respite Care Program
Supported Employment Services
Supportive Housing (for the mentally ill)
System of Care for Children with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders and Their Families


Temporary Disability Insurance


UMDNJ School of Public Health Quit Center


Virtua Health Quit Center
Vocational Rehabilitation Services


WIC - New Jersey Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children
WIC - Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program
Work First New Jersey / Temporary Assistance for Needy Families / General Assistance / Emergency Assistance


Youth Case Management Services


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