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NJ 2-1-1
If you or your client does not have access to a computer and needs help searching for available housing on the HRC, please call 211 and a live Call Agent will perform a housing search over the phone.  This is a free service provided by NJ211 which is a partnership of the United Way's of New Jersey. 

Agency Search Feature:
A proposed feature to be added to the New Jersey Housing Resource Center in Phase II will be the ability of approved Agencies to search for housing on behalf of their special needs customers. Only Agencies that have passed a rigid and comprehensive screening process will be given a password to log onto this secured portion of the NJHRC. Furthermore, Agencies will only be permitted to search for housing that is appropriate to their clientele.

How would it work exactly? When a private landlord registers to participate with the NJHRC, they are asked a litany of standard questions such as: Do you allow pets? Do you require a credit check? Does your unit have a washer and dryer? etc. Yet they are also asked if they would like to be promoted as a landlord who provides alternative living quarters for any of the following special needs populations?

- Physically Disabled
- Domestic Violence
- Frail & Elderly
- Ex-Offenders
- Homeless
- Mental Health Consumers
- Substance Abuse
- Blind and Visually Impaired
- Sponsored Tenants
- All of the Above

Landlords are told that this information IS NOT publicly displayed and will only be available to case workers within organizations specifically serving the particular client type.

Currently, this information is being collected for future use. The NJHRC is fully aware of the privacy concerns involved in adding this ‘Agency search feature’. For this reason, a thorough process review including focus groups that would be open to NJ Agencies will be conducted to determine if this feature can be implemented in a way that protects the absolute privacy of all special needs populations.  If you would like to participate in such a focus group, please e-mail us.