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“Welcome to NJ Parent Link” Videos:
On Camera Opportunities for NJ Parents & Professionals

In order to provide "peer to peer" promotional opportunities for
NJ Parent Link, filming has been scheduled to include NJ parents and professionals on the upcoming "Welcome to NJ Parent Link" Videos.

Filming is scheduled for Friday, April 29, 2011, and will take place at the NJ State Museum.

30 families/professionals will have an opportunity to be on camera to provide testimonials as to how helpful NJ Parent Link has been in providing information and resources to meet their needs.

We are looking for a wide range of family and parenting experiences to best represent New Jersey's families.  Our goal is to have family representation on the Videos that mirrors the family photos posted throughout the NJ Parent Link site.

If you would like to volunteer your time to provide a NJ Parent Link testimonial on camera, please take a look at the information below:

Date, Place & Time

 Parent & Professional Participation

  • Each family/professional will be given a time slot to report to the Museum's Auditorium.
  • Please plan to spend about 1 to 1 ½ hours at the filming location:
    • Registration and preparation for each filming segment will take between 20-60 minutes.
    • Each testimonial filming segment will take about 20 minutes.
    • Additional filming will also take place in the lobby and surrounding Museum area for candid shots of families interacting.

 Permission Forms

  • Permission forms will need to be signed and returned via email or traditional mail. Permission forms can also be signed in the lobby area prior to filming.
  • A separate permission form will be needed for each person filmed.
  • Parents will have the choice of their children being filmed with them during the testimonials, or not having their children filmed with them during the testimonials. (Supervision will be provided for the children waiting while their parent(s) are being filmed.)
  • Parents will also have the choice of their children being filmed as part of the candid shots of families interacting in the lobby/waiting area or not having their children filmed.
  • The following identifying information will be seen in the title line for each testimonial:
    • Parents - First names and short description of experience, such as "Susan & John, first time parents."
    • Children - No identifying information will be used.
    • Professionals - First and last name, profession.


  • Video participants should be familiar with having used the NJ Parent Link website and comfortable sharing on camera how the website has been helpful for themselves and thier family.
  • Scripted "suggestions" for each of the parents/professionals will be available via a teleprompter, such as: "Welcome to NJ Parent Link. As a mom of a 2 year old, I have found NJ Parent Link to be. . . "
  • A computer with a link to NJ Parent Link will be available in the waiting area to refresh/prep participants with their comments before filming.
  • Families more comfortable speaking in a language other than English on the Video would be welcome.

 On Camera Clothing/Eye Wear

  • Those being filmed should not wear the following colored tops: white, black, stripes, checks, patterns, logos.
  • Eye wear can be worn on camera.

Family Experiences

The following parent/family experiences are sought for the "Welcome to NJ Parent Link" Videos:

  • Currently pregnant or expecting
  • Parenting an infant
  • Parenting a toddler
  • Parenting a preschooler
  • Parenting siblings
  • Parenting multiples
  • Parenting a child with special needs (physical)
  • Parenting a child with special needs (developmental)
  • Parenting a child with special needs (behavioral)
  • Multi-racial families
  • Multi-generational families
  • LGBT families
  • Adoptive families
  • Foster families
  • Teen parents
  • First time parents over 40 
  • Currently breastfeeding an infant
  • Extended breastfeeding (beyond 1 year)
  • Living in a family where English is not the only language spoken
  • Single parenting/having been separated or divorced
  • Military deployment (self or spouse)
  • Parenting while your spouse/partner experienced mental health issues
  • Parenting while your spouse/partner had been incarcerated
  • Being a parent with a disability
  • Having used Food Stamps or WIC checks
  • Having had a natural delivery without the use of any medications/epidurals
  • Grandparents and Guardians

Professional Experiences

  • Health
  • Behavioral Health
  • Child Care
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Family Support Services


To volunteer to appear on a "Welcome to NJ Parent Link" Video, please contact:

  • NJ Parent Link "Contact Us" form:
  • Email:
  • Phone: Jamie Anderson 609-292-5666
  • Mailing Address: NJ Parent Link, c/o Jamie Anderson, NJ DHSS, PO Box 364, 50 East State Street, Trenton, NJ 08625-0364