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New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners
Public Disciplinary Notice
March 2004

The New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners (the "Board") has taken the following actions. This information is a summary prepared by the Board's Administrative Office staff. Requests for certified, true copies of the Board Orders should be made in writing directed to William V. Roeder, Executive Director, P.O. Box 183, Trenton, New Jersey 08625.

To view a scanned version of the filed disciplinary order, click on the licensee's name.

AUNG, Lei Lei, M.D.
License# MA061217
613 Ridge Road
Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852-2630
Rangoon University, Burma, 1968
FLEX Endorsement

CONSENT ORDER OF REPRIMAND filed March 4, 2004. This matter was opened to the Board upon receipt of information which revealed Dr. Aung engaged in questionable prescribing practices of CDS to eight(8) of her patients. Dr. Aung appeared and testified before the Preliminary Evaluation Committee of the Board on January 24, 2001. Dr. Aung discussed her treatment of her patients in an effort to manage their chronic pain ailments. The Board determined that Dr. Aung's medical treatment of those patients to be inadequate. As a result, the Board determined that Dr. Aung should undergo a general medical evaluation and then to complete an individualized focused remedial medical education program through the Medical Review & Accrediting Council, Inc(MRAC). It was ordered and agreed that Dr. Aung be reprimanded for indiscriminate prescribing of CDS to her patients. Dr. Aung in the next three(3) months of entry of the Order must undergo an evaluation through MRAC to identify any deficiencies in her general medical practice, including, but not limited to, her prescribing practices of CDS and to provide the Board with documentation demonstrating successful completion of any recommendations made in the evaluation. Dr. Aung shall pay investigative costs in the amount of $1,098.58, simultaneously with submission of this order. EFFECTIVE DATE: March 4, 2004

LEE, Jack C., M.D.
License # MA063872
33 Clyde Road
Somerset, NJ 08873
Hahnemann Medical College, PA, 1993

FINAL DECISION AND ORDER OF A STAYED SUSPENSION filed April 19, 2004. This matter was opened to the Board on September 5, 2003 upon the filing of an Administrative Complaint by the Attorney General. The Verified Complaint alleged that Dr. Lee had issued threatening electronic mail messages to two newspaper reporters. Dr. Lee was charged criminally with two(2) counts of making terroristic threats. Dr. Lee entered into the pretrial intervention program to which he acknowledged that he had sent the threatening e-mails to the newspaper reporters. On October 31, 2003, Dr. Lee filed a Notice of Motion to dismiss the Administrative Complaint and the State filed a Cross Motion for Summary Decision and the imposition of sanctions. The Motion to Dismiss the complaint was considered by the Board on November 12, 2003. The Board determined, upon initial consideration of the Motion to Dismiss, to deny Dr. Lee's motion finding that the facts alleged, if proven, would constitute violations of the statutes governing the practice of medicine. The Board recognized at that time, Dr. Lee's failure to file a timely answer to the complaint, therefore, on its own motion, the Board directed that Dr. Lee would have an additional seven (7) days to file with the Board and transmit to the Attorney General an answer to be received no later than December 2, 2003. On December 10, 2003, the Board heard oral arguments on the Motion For Summary Decision. The Board denied Dr. Lee's motion and moved forward to the merits of the Attorney General's application for Summary Decision. In so finding, the Board relied solely on Dr. Lee's admissions to sending two e-mails containing death threats and other threats to two reporters of the Bergen Record who wrote articles regarding a professional issue. The Board found Dr. Lee's conduct evident of professional misconduct and an incapacity to perform the functions of a licensee in a manner consistent with the public's safety and welfare. During the penalty phase of this matter, Dr. Lee testified that he responded to the writer's article " in a stupid manner" and without "very much thought." Since the incident, Dr. Lee has contacted the PHP, undergone weekly counseling and was referred for a psychiatric evaluation. The Board ordered on April 14, 2004 that Dr. Lee's license to practice medicine and surgery in New Jersey be suspended for a period of one year, the entirety of which was stayed and to be served as a period of probation. During the period of probation, and continuing thereafter until further order of the Board, Dr. Lee shall continue to participate with the PHP, which participation shall include: Psychotherapy with a minimum of once a week with a Psychiatrist or Psychologist pre-approved by the Board, attendance at such other meetings or PHP supervision as directed by the PHP and submission to the Board on his behalf every ninety (90) days by the PHP and his Psychotherapist reports regarding his progress. The first report to be submitted within thirty (30) days of the date of this order and then every ninety (90) days thereafter. No petition to change or end Dr. Lee's involvement with the PHP or Psychotherapy shall be considered by the Board until a minimum of one (1) year has elapsed from the entry of this Order. The Board further ordered Dr. Lee to attend and successfully complete an Ethics course pre-approved by the Board. Dr. Lee was assessed a penalty of $10,000, which included $5,000.00 for each of the e-mails sent. The period of suspension, thus stayed, is effective NUNC PRO TUNC to December 10, 2003, the day on which it was orally announced on the record. EFFECTIVE DATE: December 10, 2003.

LEUZZI, Sam A., M.D.
License # MA056390
7 Burr Avenue
P.O. Box 447
Morganville, NJ 07751-0447

University of Rome, Italy 1986 Flex Endorsement

ORDER GRANTING LEAVE TO REACTIVATE UNRESTRICTED LICENSURE filed April 14, 2004. This matter was opened to the Board upon petition of Dr. Leuzzi to renew his license to practice medicine and surgery in New Jersey. Dr. Leuzzi failed to renew his license to practice medicine which consequently lapsed in 1993. Dr. Leuzzi appeared before a Preliminary Evaluation Committee of the Board on November 5, 2003. The Board determined that Dr. Leuzzi demonstrated his fitness to return to practice and granted leave to reactivate Dr. Leuzzi unrestricted license to practice medicine and surgery in New Jersey. EFFECTIVE DATE: March 2, 2004.

MAGGIO, Elio, M.D.
License #MA023530
34 Avalon Gardens Drive
Nanuet, NY 10954
Univ. of Naples Coll. Of Med., Italy, 1949

ORDER OF REINSTATEMENT OF LICENSURE filed March 11, 2004. This matter was opened to the Board by way of receipt of a request for reinstatement of license. In a Final Order filed in July 1974, Dr. Maggio's New Jersey medical license was suspended based upon his criminal conviction in New York State for dispensing narcotic drugs in bad faith. The Board would not consider an application for reinstatement until all terms and conditions of his conviction had been satisfied. Thereafter Dr. Maggio filed six petitions for reinstatement, all of which were denied. In connection with the 1991 petition for reinstatement, the Board informed Dr. Maggio that it would entertain a new petition at such time as he demonstrated that his license to practice medicine and surgery in the State of New York was fully reinstated. In April 1997, Dr. Maggio appeared before a Committee of the Board. The Board modified the previous denial of his application for reinstatement by agreeing to reconsider its decision prior to Dr. Maggio's full reinstatement in New York conditioned upon Dr. Maggio demonstration of two years of compliance with the 1996 New York Order which placed him on probation for two years during which period his practice was restricted to an institutional setting in New York State and with proof of favorable reports from his supervisors. Dr. Maggio appeared pro se before a committee of the Board on February 26, 2003. The Board found Dr. Maggio demonstrated that he has complied with the terms and conditions of all relevant New Jersey Orders, that thirty years had elapsed since the suspension of his New Jersey license, and that he demonstrated sufficient rehabilitative efforts. The Board ordered that he be granted an unrestricted license to practice medicine and surgery in the State of New Jersey. EFFECTIVE: March 11, 2004

MEHTA, Lalitkumar H., M.D.
License #MA040545
1201 Summit Ave.
Union City, NJ 07087
Shah Medical School, 1975
FLEX Endorsement

ORDER OF TEMPORARY SUSPENSION OF LICENSURE filed April 5, 2004. The matter was opened to the Board upon the concurrent filing of a two-Count Administrative Complaint with Exhibits, an Order to Show Cause, the Certification of Counsel and a letter brief seeking the emergent temporary suspension of Dr. Mehta's license. The Complaint alleges Dr. Mehta violated the Board's statutes and regulations by his offensive and sexual touching, hugging and kissing of two female patients during the course of purported medical examinations. Dr. Mehta filed an Answer to the Verified Complaint March 3, 2004 wherein he generally denied all material allegations of sexual misconduct, however, he admitted that he was indicted on February 18, 2004 by the Grand Jury in Hudson County which charged him with two counts of fourth degree criminal sexual contact regarding the two female patients who are the subjects of the allegations in this matter. The Board authorized a Committee of the Board to hear the application for temporary suspension on March 10, 2004 and that the Committee's Order would have the full force and effect of an Order of the full Board. The Board considered this matter on the papers at its April 14, 2004 meeting and adopted the Order of the Hearing Committee. The Board ordered effective immediately upon its announcement on the public record on March 10, 2004 that Dr. Mehta's license be temporarily suspended pending the completion of plenary proceedings in this matter before the Office of Administrative Law. The temporary suspension became effective two weeks from the oral announcement of this order to permit an orderly transfer of patient care. Additionally, it was ordered that a female monitor was to be present at all times during physician/patient contact and was required to sign the medical record to serve as an attestation that she/he was in the room with the patient at all times during any physician/ patient encounter. EFFECTIVE DATE: March 24, 2004.

PRINTZ, Bruce I., D.O.
License #MB040791
400 Gill Lane
Iselin, NJ 08830-3001
Chicago College of Osteopathy, 1981
National Board Endorsement

ORDER IMPOSING TEMPORARY SUSPENSION OF LICENSURE filed March 24, 2004. A Verified Complaint and Order to Show Cause was filed on February 24, 2004 in which the Attorney General alleged that cause existed to enter an order temporarily suspending Dr. Printz' license based on charges that he had engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with three identified patients, to include without limitation, inappropriately touching the breasts of all three patients for sexual purposes, kissing and hugging two of the three patients, and making crude and inappropriate sexual comments to all three patients. A hearing was held before a Committee of the Board on March 10, 2004. Dr. Printz filed an Answer on March 9, 2004 wherein he denied the substantive charges in the Complaint and predicated his defense on counter-statements of fact set forth within a March 5, 2003 letter brief prepared by his attorney. Upon examination of the evidence before it, the Committee was satisfied that the Attorney General had made a palpable demonstration that Dr. Printz' continued practice would present a clear and imminent danger to the public health, safety and welfare. The evidence supported a finding, at this juncture of the proceeding, that Dr. Printz had manifested an inability to control his behavior, to include touching the breasts of female patients for sexual purposes, kissing and hugging patients for sexual purposes, and repeatedly making obscene and shockingly inappropriate comments to multiple female patients. The Committee ordered effective March 10, 2004, that Dr. Printz' license be temporarily suspended, pending the completion of plenary proceedings in this matter. He was afforded a two-week period to "wind down" any medical practice in which he may have been engaged. During that period he was to neither treat nor examine any patient unless such treatment or examination occurred in the presence of a chaperone, who was to be a health care professional licensed by a Board within the Division of Consumer Affairs. He was to further make arrangements to transfer any patients he may have been presently treating to another licensed physician and make arrangements for the transfer of the medical records of any such patients. EFFECTIVE DATE: March 24, 2004

REISMAN, Barry M., M.D.
License # MA026431
177 North Dean Street, Ste. 206
Englewood, NJ 07631-2522
Jefferson Medical College, 1968
Pennsylvania Endorsement

CONSENT ORDER OF REPRIMAND filed March 8, 2004. Matter was initially opened to the Board upon an investigation by the Division of Consumer Affairs, Enforcement Bureau, which revealed that Dr. Reisman failed to disclose his family's ownership in the Englewood Surgicenter, Englewood , NJ, on his 1997 biennial renewal application form. Dr. Reisman also failed to list his Paterson office as an additional business address on his 1999 biennial renewal application form. Dr. Reisman appeared with counsel before a Committee of the Board to discuss these allegations. During that appearance, Dr. Reisman also admitted that he failed to post the appropriate information about his family's ownership interest in the Englewood Surgicenter and failed to disclose this information at the time of his patient referrals. Dr. Reisman wished to resolve this matter without the necessity for a formal hearing. The Board reprimanded Dr. Reisman for violating N.J.S.A. 45:1-21(h) by virtue of his failure to adhere to Board regulations as described. He was ordered to cease and desist from violating N.J.S.A. 45:9-22.5 et seq., N.J.A.C. 13:35-6.17(b), N.J.A.C. 13:35-6.19(b) and/or any other Board statute or regulation. He was assessed a civil penalty of $5,000 and investigative costs of $3,686.31 and has satisfied this requirement. EFFECTIVE DATE: March 2, 2004.

SILVER, Ian L., M.D.
License # MA076513
2 Spenser Drive
Short Hills, NJ 07078
St. Georges University, Grenada 1999

CONSENT ORDER OF TEMPORARY SUSPENSION filed March 8, 2004. This matter was opened to the Board upon receipt of information dated January 14, 2004 from Dr. Baxter, Executive Medical Director of the PHP, that Dr. Silver self-reported his use of cocaine in December 2003, which was confirmed by a positive urine test in the specimen Dr. Silver provided on December 30, 2003. Dr. Silver has been participating in the PHP monitoring program since February 2002 after he completed his residency training. His agreement with the PHP contained a condition that provides for an Order resulting in the immediate, automatic temporary suspension of license in the event the Board receives reliable information or a report of a confirmed positive urine or a prima facie showing of any abuse, possession or distribution of any psychoactive substances or alcohol. Dr. Baxter indicated Dr. Silver has never had formal treatment for chemical dependency and in light of his cocaine use in December 2003, the PHP had further concerns, and thought it prudent, to prescribe treatment for Dr. Silver prophylactically. On February 10, 2004, Dr. Silver had an evaluation by Arnold Washton, Ph.D, and thereafter entered into an extensive out-patient treatment program with Dr. Washton. Dr. Baxter reported that at the time when Dr. Silver used cocaine he was not employed, but is currently employed in a private practice setting. The Board ordered that Dr. Silver's license be suspended for three(3) months, one month shall be active, two(2) months to be stayed and served as probation. The active portion of the suspension shall begin March 1, 2004 and end on March 31, 2004. He is to maintain absolute abstinence from all psychoactive substances and alcohol unless prescribed by a treating physician with knowledge of Dr. Silver's history of substance use for documented-medical condition with notification to the PHP. Dr. Silver is to submit to random urine monitoring at a frequency of two times per week for the first year with reduction in monitoring at the discretion of the PHP with notice to the Board's Medical Director. He is to become knowledgeable about any and all foods or food additives or other products which may confound the validity of urine screening and shall refrain from ingesting or otherwise using or employing any such products. He will continue with face-to-face visits with a representative from the PHP on a monthly basis for the first year of this Order and then at the discretion of the PHP with notice to the Board's Medical Director. He shall continue primary treatment (Level II) with Dr. Washton and ensure Dr. Washton provides quarterly reports to the PHP. He shall document attendance at AA meetings for a minimum of three (3) meetings a week. Dr. Silver will be responsible for ensuring that the PHP supplies quarterly reports to the Board, with the first report filed one month after the effective date of the Order and an immediate (within 24 hours of awareness) report both orally and in writing, shall be made by the PHP to the Board of any information that Dr. Silver engaged in any violation of any laws regarding CDS or any positive urine screen or failure to appear for urine monitoring. If Dr. Silver materially failed to comply with any of the conditions set forth he consented to the entry of an Order resulting in the immediate automatic temporary suspension of his medical license, which will be memorialized in a public State Board of Medical Examiners' Order. Dr. Silver shall have the right to apply for removal of the automatic suspension on two (2) day's notice, but in such event shall be limited to showing the urine tested was not his, was a false positive or that other information submitted was medically false. EFFECTIVE DATE: March 1, 2004

License #MD001224
422 Morris Ave.
Long Branch, NJ 07740-6518
National Board Endorsement

FINAL ORDER OF REVOCATION filed March 5, 2004. A Complaint and Notice of Hearing and Notice to File Answer was filed March 11, 2003 alleging in three counts that Dr. Weinstein engaged in fraud (exceeding $56,000) on patients and on Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield of New Jersey by improper billing which resulted in the overpayment by the carrier in or about 1993. The Complaint also alleged that during 1996-1998 Dr. Weinstein engaged in a different form of fraud by altering the mailing addresses of at least 21 patients/policyholders so that the insurance payments were diverted directly to his post office box in an amount exceeding $200,000. The Complaint further alleged that in 2001 Dr. Weinstein engaged in forgery of six personal checks in an amount exceeding $9,000 belonging to the prior business partner of his former wife. The total fraud alleged in the Complaint involved at least 93 patients/policyholders and resulted in over $300,000 in false insurance claims. The Board, at its January 14, 2004 meeting, considered the Attorney General's application for Entry of Default, Costs, Reimbursement to Carriers and Assessment of Penalty. Dr. Weinstein did not file an Answer to the Complaint or appear on the day of the hearing. A Certification details efforts at service which were not successful. Further, the Board was aware that a Bench Warrant for Dr. Weinstein from the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office remains outstanding. After Dr. Weinstein was admitted into PTI for the forgeries, his PTI status was revoked when the State Grand Jury Indictment was filed and when Dr. Weinstein failed to appear on February 25, 2003 for an arraignment conference and failed to inform his probation officer of his current address. The Board found that the State has demonstrated extraordinary and multiple efforts at service and that Dr. Weinstein cannot be permitted to evade prosecution by not informing the Board of his address of record, and/or that he has moved or by allowing his license to lapse. The Board specifically found that the State satisfied its burden of service and found Dr. Weinstein in default. The Board thoroughly considered the merits of the charges and found that the proofs when viewed in their entirety demonstrate a seven-year pattern of greed, dishonesty and fraud perpetrated on carriers, patients and a business partner of Dr. Weinstein's former wife, and Dr. Weinstein's complicated schemes to rob others while enriching himself occurred in his professional and personal capacities. The Board found him unfit to hold the position of trust vested in a podiatric licensee. The Board ordered Dr. Weinstein's license to practice podiatric medicine in the State of New Jersey revoked effective immediately. He was ordered to immediately forward to the Board restitution to the carrier in the amounts of $35,196.32 and $230,248.93; certified checks or money orders for penalties in the sum of $10,000.00 per count for a total of $30,000; costs incurred for the investigation of this matter in the amount of $2,304.96; and attorney fees in the amount of $14,220.00. Dr. Weinstein is permitted to move within six months from the date of this Order to vacate the Default and this Order for good cause shown. EFFECTIVE DATE: March 5, 2004.

WILSHIRE, Gilbert B., M.D.
License # MA053650
Technology Catalysts Int'l Corp.
605 Park Avenue
Falls Church, VA 22046
UMDNJ - Robert Wood Johnson, 1988

CONSENT ORDER GRANTING UNRESTRICTED LICENSE filed April 8, 2004. This matter was opened to the Board upon the filing of a Consent Order, pursuant to which Dr. Wilshire voluntarily surrendered his license to practice medicine and surgery, due to a substance abuse problem. On October 22, 2003, Dr. Wilshire appeared before the Preliminary Evaluation Committee of the Board and petitioned for unrestricted licensure. Dr. Canavan, Medical Director Emeritus of the Physicians' Health Program(PHP) testified that Dr. Wilshire had demonstrated solid recovery since April 12, 2002 and that all urine screens since that date have been negative for the presence of psychoactive substances. Dr. Wilshire also testified that he has been drug-free since April 12, 2002 and that he had successfully completed the treatment program at the Harrison House of Virginia. He also participated in an aftercare program which consisted of two aftercare group meetings per week and bi-weekly sessions with a therapist approved by the Virginia counterpart to the PHP. At present, Dr. Wilshire is employed as the Medical Director of a technology company in Virginia, where he resides. Due to Dr. Wilshire's total compliance with the Consent Order of Surrender dated September 3, 1999, the Board ordered that Dr. Wilshire be granted an unrestricted license to practice medicine and surgery in New Jersey. EFFECTIVE DATE: March 19, 2004


William V. Roeder
Executive Director

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