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Victims of Crime Compensation Office
Victims of Crime Compensation Office
Victims of Crime Compensation Office
Victims of Crime Compensation Office
Victims of Crime Compensation Office
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  2012 Administrative Code Changes  
  13:75-4.3(c) Secondary Victim counseling- eliminated counting counseling sessions for family members of a victim allowing more sessions to individuals where needed but still subject to max allowance for secondary victims of $7,000.

13:75-4.3(e)1 Homicide survivors loss of earnings for funeral attendance/bereavement for a period of no more two weeks

13:75-4.5(f) Loss of earnings for victim and/or victim's immediate family for court attendance

13:75-4.7 Relocation assistance to include first month's rent or one month's rent if the relocation occurred within one year of filing the application.
*we removed the section excluding arson fire victims from receiving this assistance.

13:75-4.11(b) Eliminated the $50 cap per day for domestic help

13:75-4.12(a) Crime Scene Clean-up- persons eligible for this assistance extended to include a "Good Samaritan" who assists victim during the immediate aftermath of a crime.

13:75-4.12(b) Crime Scene Clean-up- extended to include vehicles

13:75-4.12(d)(ii) Crime Scene Clean-up- extended to include the replacement value of furniture damaged or rendered useless

13:75-4.12(d)(ii) Crime Scene Clean-up- eliminated caps ($500 evidence, $1,500 crime scene clean up, $2,000 carpet, doors, lock replacement) within the $4,000 max

13:75-5.1(d) Emergency Awards- where a victim is able to show a financial hardship as a result of a crime a diminimus emergency award not to exceed $200 may be awarded for transportation, food, shelter and other exigent circumstances.

13:75-6.3 Catastrophic Claim Comp Benefits- eliminated caps (90 PT sessions, $20,000 counseling, $15,000 vehicle modifications, $3,500 speech therapy) within max of $35,000.

NOTE: Elimination of chiropractic and physical therapy sessions caps

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