All too often, senior citizens are forced to move from their homes into nursing homes or other restricted living arrangements simply because they cannot afford in-home supports and services. While home care and community-based care do exist, limited state funding was available to pay for them.

The Independence, Dignity and Choice Act is designed to change that. This measure, signed into law in June 2006, adjusts New Jersey's long-term care funding to provide more options to New Jersey’s elderly residents.

The OOIE is committed to making sure that older adults who need support for long-term care have the choice to receive their care where they want it, whether at home, in an assisted-living facility or a nursing home.

Currently, most senior citizens who receive Medicaid long-term care are only able to get that support in nursing homes. That is because of outdated policies and practices. The new law will allow more senior citizens who need Medicaid funding for long-term care to receive that care at home.

Do you or a loved one need help with getting care but don't know how to apply for it? Have you or a loved one applied for Medicaid long-term care but were told you can only receive that support if you went into a nursing home?

Have you or a loved one applied for Medicaid long-term care but have been turned down, even though you cannot afford the cost of that care? Were you or a loved one receiving Medicaid long-term care support but were removed from the program?

Let us know if you have encountered any of these issues or if there is another problem you would like to inform us about. We want to know what you're experiencing and we will help you gain access to the care you need.