Use only the latest official PERC forms when filing with the agency. Do not use older versions. Forms can be downloaded to your computer. You may fill out the forms on your computer and print them for later filing by fax, email, or mail. Filing out the form on your computer does not automatically submit the form to PERC. Using Adobe Acrobat 7 or later, information filled out on your computer can be saved. Older versions and other PDF readers might not be able to save the information.

All forms are legal sized (8.5 x 14) and should be printed/faxed as such. If you are only able to print letter size (8.5 x 11), please print to fit/scale, as printing to actual size might cut off portions of the forms.

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Unfair Practices and Contested Transfers

Unfair Practice Charge (8/19/2011)

Petition for Contested Transfer Determination (School Employees)

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Representation Petition
(Petition for Decertification by Election, Certification by Election, or Certification by Card Check)

Amendment of Certification Petition

Clarification of Unit Petition

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Negotiations, Mediation, and Arbitration

Intent to Commence Negotiations

Payroll Deduction Determination - Representation Fee Petition

Request for Invocation of Fact-finding

Request for the Appointment of a Super Conciliator (School Employees/Employers)

Petition for the Appointment of a Super Conciliator for the Health Benefits Plan Design Committee or the Pension Committee

Petition to Initiate Compulsory Interest Arbitration (Police/Fire/NJTRANSIT) (12/1/2012)

Request for Submission of a Panel of Grievance Arbitrators

Request for Appointment from the Special Disciplinary Arbitration Panel (Non-Civil Service Police and Fire)

Petition for Scope of Negotiations Determination (12/1/2012)

Petition for Issue Definition Determination

Certification for Filing Copy of Contract (See Notice to Employers)
Police and Fire Summary Form / Instructions / Example
Non-Police and Non-Fire Summary Form / Instructions / Example

Resume Form for Panel Arbitrators
NJ InTouch
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