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Lure of the Pines Barrens
Ted Gordon

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From the Lens 
Ann-Marie Woods

Pinelands:  A Visual Journey
Albert Horner

Using GIS to identify the patterns of Land Use change in the Pinelands during the past two decades
Dr. Weihong Fan, Professor of Environmental Science, Stockton University

Landuse Planning for Barnegat Bay
Dr. Stan Hales, Director Barnegat Bay Partnership


Birding 101: Learning the Basics of Bridwatching
Susan Puder, Author, Photographer, and President od the Southern, Ocean Birding Group 

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Sea Creaters with Amazing Features
Kaitlin Gannon, Outreach Coordinator, Wetlands Institute

Know the Bear Facts - Black Bears in New Jersey
Michelle Smith, Biologist NJDEP Divsion of Fish Wildlife

From Tidal Freshwaters to the Ocean: Fishes of the Mullica River – Great Bay Estuary
Kenneth W. Able

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New Jersey's Biodiversity North Vs South
Blaine Rothauser - Principal, BR Environmental, LLC

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Pinelands Frogs and Toads
John Bunnell, Chief Scientist New Jersey Pinelands Commission 

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Raptors of New Jersey 

Dragonflies & Damselflies of the Pinelands
Jennifer Bulava, Park Naturalist 

The Neonate Ecology of the Northern Pine Snake
Dr. Kevin P. W. Smith

Atlantic White-cedar: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
George Zimmermann, Professor of Environmental Studies Program, Stockton University

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Children of the Earth Foundation: Wildernrss Survival Fundmentals
Andrew Hov, Program Manager

  • The Tracker, by Tom Brown, Jr.
  • Primitive Technology: A Book of Earth Skills, edited by David Wescott
  • Coyote's Guide to Connecting with Nature: For Kids of all Ages and their Mentors, by Jon Young, Ellen Haas and Evan McGown

Pinelands Lichen Ecology
Natalie Howe, Graduate Student, Rutgers University Ecology and Evolution Program

Investigatimng the Pygmy Forest
Terry O'Leary, Resouce Interpretive Specialist

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The Battle of Chestnut Neck
Rev. Norm Goos, President and Earl Cain - Secretary and Historian from the Col. Richard Somers Chapter, of the Sons of the American Revolution

Lure of the Pines Barrens
Ted Gordon

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Batsto Through the Years
Barbara Solem & Wesley Hughes, Batsto Citizens Committee, Inc.

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  • “Family Empire in Jersey Iron” Arthur D. Pierce
  • “Batsto Lights-The Story of Batsto Glass and The Richards Dynasty” Sarah W.R. Ewing
  • “Joseph Wharton-Quaker, Industrial Pioneer” W. Ross Yates 

Estell Manor Park
Michael Hogan

The Jersey Devil: the real story
Dr. Brian Regal 

  • “The Jersey Devil: The Real Story,” Skeptical Inquirer Nov/Dec issue, 2013, Brian Regal.
  • “The Jersey Devil: A Political Animal,” New Jersey History Nov/Dec issue, 2013, Brian Regal“The Jersey Devil: A Political Animal,” New Jersey History Nov/Dec issue, 2013, Brian Regal

Jet Port 
Timothy G. Hart, Division Director, Ocean County Cultural & Heritage Commission

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Lenape Living in the Pines
Ginette Day, Burlington County College's Pinelands Institute for Natural & Environmental Studies, Instructor

Still Days: Biographical Presentation on Dr. James Still
Paul W. Schopp

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Thomas Wesley Stern 

Field Trip

Birding The Pinelands of Stockton University: Lab Tour/Lake Fred Hike
John D. Rokita, Principle Lab Tech. Animal Lab & Collection, Stockton University

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Hooked on Fishing
Liz Jackson, Program Coordinator, NJDEP Division Of Fish and Wildlife

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