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Public Hearings

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Planning Board Resolution 2017-15 adopts the Township's Amended Housing Element and Fair Share Plan, dated June 2017. The Amended Housing Element and Fair Share Plan contains updated data and analysis pertaining to the Township's current and projected demographic, housing stock, and employment characteristics, as well as a Fair Share Plan for the cumulative period 1987-2025. The Fair Share Plan provides information on the municipality's past efforts to provide affordable housing and outlines the mechanisms that will satisfy the Township's affordable housing obligation. Among these mechanisms is the imposition of inclusionary (20%) housing requirements on residential development in two Pinelands Regional Growth Area zoning districts, the RG-2 and RG-3 Zones.

Ordinance 22-17 amends Chapter 244 (Land Use and Development Regulations) of the Township's Code by adopting standards for conditional uses in the RG-2 and RG-3 Zones. Specifically, Ordinance 22-17 adds detached, single-family developments on lots of less than one acre in size as a conditional use in the RG-2 and RG-3 Zones. In order to receive conditional use approval, the proposed developments must be serviced by a public sanitary sewer system and comply with the affordable housing set aside requirements of the Fair Housing Act.  Ordinance 22-17 also provides that the required affordable housing units may be constructed as attached dwellings. A traffic impact assessment must be submitted for all preliminary major subdivisions proposed under the conditional use provisions. Finally, the acquisition and redemption of Pinelands Development Credits is required for 30 percent of the units in all projects proposed under the conditional use provisions, with an exemption for a certain number of affordable units.  A similar requirement for redemption of Pinelands Development Credits is also imposed by Ordinance 22-17 on all developments of five or more units in the RG-2 and RG-3 Zones that are proposed to be served by standard or alternate design septic systems.

As such, Planning Board Resolution 2017-15 and Ordinance 22-17 directly relate to CMP standards and must be formally reviewed and approved by the Pinelands Commission before they may take effect.



Ordinance 17-025 amends Chapter 245, Land Use and Development, of the code of Manchester Township. Specifically, the ordinance revises permitted and conditional uses, area, yard and building requirements for zoning districts within the Pinelands Area, including the PR-40, PR-A, PR-15, BVR-40, WTRA, WTR-40, WTRC, and PRC-1 Zones. Ordinance 17-025 also rezones three lots in the Pinelands Regional Growth Area from the PRC-1 (Pinelands Retirement Community) Zone to the POR-LI (Pinelands Office, Research and Light Industrial) Zone.  The ordinance also revises the zones within the Pinelands Area wherein Garden Apartments and Townhouse developments are permitted and includes provisions for the use of Pinelands Development Credits for such development in the PB-1 (Pinelands Business), POR-LI and PRC-1 Zones.

As such, Ordinance 17-025 directly relates to CMP standards and must be formally reviewed and approved by the Pinelands Commission before it may take effect.

The hearings will be held at 9:30 a.m. at the Pinelands Commission Office, 15C Springfield Road, New Lisbon, NJ.  Written testimony may be submitted at the hearing or sent directly to the Pinelands Commission, 15C Springfield Rd, P.O. Box 359, New Lisbon, NJ 08064 or via facsimile at (609) 894-7330 or by email through the Commission’s web site at no later than January 10, 2018.  For further information, please call the Pinelands Commission at (609) 894-7300.