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The Commission will periodically post relevant information pertaining to its study for public viewing. These documents may include, for example, presentations given at Commission meetings.
Privacy Study Commission Final Report [pdf 896k]
Overview of Privacy Study Commission [PowerPoint presentation]
Transcripts of Public Hearings
Report of the Special Directive Subcommittee to the New Jersey Privacy Study Commission

The Privacy Study Commission is a temporary agency created under the Open Public Records Act (OPRA) that is legislatively mandated to study the privacy issues raised by the collection, processing, use, and dissemination of information by public agencies, balancing the recognized need for openness in government with concerns for personal privacy and security. For more information, see N.J.S. 47:1A-15(a).

The Commission holds monthly meetings which are open to the public. It also hosts public hearings. The Commission welcomes comments from the citizenry on privacy issues. (The Commission has prepared a brief summary of the issues for your review before submitting your comments.) You can also review written public comments that the Commission has received.

Open Public Records Act
The Open Public Records Act (OPRA) defines the state's policy that government records, with certain exceptions, should be readily accessible to the public for inspection, examination, and copying. While limitations on the public's right of access should be decided in the public's favor, public agencies are required to keep a citizen's personal information from public access when that access would violate the citizen's reasonable expectation of privacy. For more information, see the Government Records Council Web site.
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