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Privacy Study Commission
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Privacy Study Commission Meeting Minutes
April 16, 2004

Chairman Litwin called the meeting to order at 10:40 a.m.

Chairman Litwin read the Open Public Meetings Statement.

Chairman Litwin led all present in the salute to the flag.

Ms. Starghill called the roll as follows:

Commission Members Present: Chairman Larry Litwin, Grayson Barber, Thomas Cafferty, George Cevasco, Richard DeAngelis, Edith Fulton, (arrived at 11:35 a.m.), William Kearns, Jack McEntee (arrived at 11:00 a.m.), Rosemary Karcher-Reavey, and H. Lawrence Wilson.

Commission Members Absent: John Hutchison, Pamela McCauley and Karen Sutcliffe.

Staff Present: Catherine Starghill, Legal Specialist.

Mr. Cevasco moved to approve the minutes of the December 19, 2003 meeting (as revised to incorporate clarification of Mr. Paolini’s comments) with a second by Ms. Reavey. The motion was adopted on a call of ayes and nays.

Mr. Cafferty moved to approve the minutes of the January 16, 2004 meeting with a second by Mr. Cevasco. The motion was adopted on a call of ayes and nays.

Introduction of Division of Local Government Services Management and Staff:

Ms. Starghill introduced Susan Jacobucci, the Acting Director of the Division of Local Government Services (present at the meeting) and Joan Lorenzo, Administrative Assistant of the Division of Local Government Services (not present at the meeting). Ms. Lorenzo is the new administrative contact for Commission members in Ms. Starghill’s absence. Her office telephone number is (609) 292-6613 and her e-mail address is jlorenzo@dca.state.nj.us.

Review of the Study Timeline:

Ms. Starghill thoroughly reviewed the study timeline with the Commission. Ms. Starghill noted that strict adherence to the timeline is critical to the successful completion of the study. She also noted that the legislature extended the study deadline until December 31, 2004.

New Jersey Data Practices Subcommittee Presentation:

Ms. Starghill presented the objective results of the New Jersey Data Practices Survey administered to state departments, state agencies that are in, but not of, a state department, county clerks, county sheriffs, municipal clerks and administrators, municipal finance officers and tax collectors, local police and fire departments, fire districts, housing districts, school districts, and colleges and universities. She indicated that the subcommittee’s report will provide an interpretation of the survey results and will be submitted to the Commission in June 2004.


Subcommittee Reports were discussed as follows:

Special Directive: Ms. Barber stated that the first draft report (September 2003) was revised to incorporate the public comments from the public hearings held in November 2004 and written comments submitted through March 2004. She also indicated that since that time, the subcommittee had held several conference calls to review the revised draft report. Ms. Barber stated that Ms. Starghill further revised the draft report and distributed it to the subcommittee for review. Finally, Ms. Barber indicated that the subcommittee was scheduled to have another conference call to review the revised draft report and finalize it for submission to the whole Commission at the May 7, 2004 meeting.

New Jersey Practices: In Ms. Sutcliffe’s absence, Ms. Starghill stated that the subcommittee is finalizing its finding and will meet to draft its report for submission to the Commission in June 2004.

Public Interest: Ms. Reavey stated that public hearings are scheduled for July – August 2004 for comments on the Commission’s final report.

Technology: Mr. Kearns stated that he would provide Ms. Starghill with an outline for the subcommittee’s report.

Commercial Use: Mr. Cafferty stated that the subcommittee is drafting a report for submission to the Commission in June 2004.

Ms. Starghill provided the Commission with a staff update.

Open Discussion of the Public:

Chairman Litwin opened the meeting for public comment. No public comment was heard.

Open Discussion of Privacy Study Commission Members:

Chairman Litwin opened the meeting for comments from Commission members. Ms. Barber suggested that the Commission begin to consider its overall strategic recommendations to be included in the final study report. She further suggested that Commission members submit ideas for those strategic recommendations to Ms. Starghill to be included on the agenda for each forthcoming meeting before submission of the final study report to the Governor and legislature.

Hearing no one further, Ms. Reavey moved to adjourn the meeting with a second from Mr. Cevasco.

Chairman Litwin adjourned the meeting at 11:55 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Larry Litwin, Chairman


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