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Works by the Members of Movis

On view through September 22, 2013

Main Building – Second Floor, Riverside Gallery

The New Jersey State Museum is pleased to present “Boomerang: Works by the Members of Movis,” an exhibition that explores the influence of extracultural experiences on artists creative output. The exhibition will be on view in the Museum’s Riverside Gallery from May 25 through September 22, 2013.

Movis is a group of professional artists who meet regularly to discuss projects and exhibition opportunities, then work collaboratively to develop them. Movis members are Rita Z. Asch (Princeton), Berendina Buist (High Bridge), John Goodyear (Lambertville), Susan Hockaday (Hopewell), Eve Ingalls (Princeton), Margaret Kennard Johnson (Princeton), Marsha Levin-Rojer (Princeton) and Frank Magalhães (Princeton). Guest artists invited to participate in this exhibition are Lucio Pozzi (New York and Italy) and Paul Theroux (Hawaii and Cape Cod).

In his book, “A Fine Disregard,” the late Kirk Varnedoe (Chief Curator of Painting and Sculpture at MoMA and faculty member in the Institute for Advanced Study) discussed the power of the “cultural boomerang’” as a “kind of export-import exchange that involves sending out a tradition that then comes back to you…newly alive and fertile.” The Movis members related this to their own ideas of borrowing from extra-cultural sources.

The word Boomerang reflects their personal uses today of source material and ideas from other cultures. Artists do not simply copy what they see. This source material always gets transformed as it swings from one place to another, reflecting the needs and custom of the artist borrowing it. Several Movis members have shown work in extracultural venues, thus continuing the boomerang movement.

The exhibition includes painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, kinetic and sound works, ephemera and installation.