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ISPH 2017 - Special Session: Microscopy of prehistoric bones and teeth: Interface between Histology and Archaeology
Over the last five decades, advances in the art and science of microscopy, coupled with a greatly increased understanding of bone biology, have significantly enhanced our ability to extract information from calcified tissues.
This session proposes to review the development of histological studies of bones and teeth with reference to recent and fossil mammals, including horses, large bovines, ovicaprines, elephants and other ungulates.
Goals include discerning between different species of animals, and between human and non-human bones, as well as determining the biomechanical adaptations seen in different taxa.
Session participants will address the issues of animal identification, physiology, morphology, tracing phylogenetic history, taphonomy, adaptation, and its evidence as proxies of certain paleoecological indicators, within the operational framework of histological studies.
The presentations in this session will ideally showcase the latest trends in research methods - from techniques to philosophy. These methods and ideology have witnessed a long journey in understanding the role of natural forces and human interference in the twin processes of evolution and extinction.
This Special Session will not be held concurrent to any others; attendance is open to all ISPH attendees. To submit an abstract, follow the general instructions in the first ISPH 2017 circular. You will be scheduled for this Special Session based on the subject of your presentation.
Special Session organized by Vijay Sathe (1), Marco Zedda (2) and Prateek Chakraborty (1).
  • 1) Dept. of AIHC & Archaeology, Deccan College Postgraduate and Research Institute, Pune 411006, India
  • 2) Dept. of Veterinary Medicine, University of Sassari, Italy