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Drop-In Family Activities

Adults and Families can drop in for special events and gallery activities that bring the collections to life. From storytime to gallery activity carts to big public events, there is always something new to discover at the New Jersey State Museum!

Special Events
Bird Day
Saturday, February 14th 11am to 3pm
Look for Scavenger Hunts at the information desk upon arrival at the museum. We have many themes to choose from so your family can make a game out of visiting all of the galleries for clues! Look for in-gallery activities located throughout the museum including a Natural History Journal, making your own state seal, decorating a Paleolithic pot and much more!
Every Thursday:
Join us for hands-on fun at our Museum Activity Cart every Thursday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. Cart themes and activities change often but always have fun, hands-on lessons related to the Museum’s collections. Cart activities are designed for families with children ages 5 and up. Call or email Terri Barlow to find out the theme of the week, 609-292- 1382 or
Story Time
Join us on the 3rd weekend of every month for a story and a craft activity. Stories relate to current exhibits and collections and are always entertaining. Crafts are simple and a great way to remember the fun you had at the Museum! Story time starts at 2:00 pm and is designed for families with children ages 4 to 8. For more information contact Terri Barlow at 609-292-1382 609-292-1382 or
Owl Moon
January 17, 18, 2015

The winter world looks very different at night. Follow a father and child as they search for owls in the winter night. Make an owl puppet to take home.
A Sweet Smell of Roses
February 21, 22, 2015

This sweet story about the Civil Rights Movement from a child’s perspective follows two sisters as they sneak out of the house to march with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Look Up! Henrietta Leavitt
March 21, 22, 2015

In honor of National Astronomy Week, this picture book biography tells the story of Henrietta Leavitt (1868-1921), the woman who discovered more than 2,400 variable stars in addition to the "yardstick to the universe" used to make discoveries that changed the study of our galaxy and the universe. Kids will learn more about the stars with a take home craft. Don’t forget to visit the Planetarium for a show that is out of this world!