Protecting the Beekeeping Industry, Educating New Drivers and Cutting Red Tape
Lt. Governor Guadagno signed seven bills into law this summer, including a package of three bills aimed at protecting New Jersey's beekeeping industry, a traffic safety bill, and two bills designed to cut red tape.

  • A-1294 Extends Right to Farm Act protections to commercial beekeepers, with some restrictions.
  • A-1295 Establishes exclusive State regulatory authority over apiary activities and allows for delegation of monitoring and enforcement authority to municipalities.
  • A-1296 Establishes penalty for destruction of man-made native bee hive.
  • A-1781 “Nikhil’s Law” requires the driver’s license examination as well as the driver’s manual to address the dangers of failing to comply with the State’s motor vehicle traffic laws and the STOP for Nikhil Safety Pledge. The bill was named for 11-year-old Nikhil Badlani, who was killed in a car crash in 2011 when another car failed to stop at a stop sign.
  • A-1883/S-1941 Revises exemption from license requirement for raffles for door prizes of donated or purchased merchandise; increases total retail value from $50 to $200 or higher if permitted.
  • A-3509/S-2279 Establishes Division of State Museum in Department of State; continues New Jersey State Museum within division; abolishes museum board of trustees.
  • AJR-119/SJR-76 Designates third week of October of each year as "Male Breast Cancer Awareness Week"