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Maps and GIS Data

The New Jersey Office of Smart Growth uses state-of-the-art computer graphics and geographic information systems to prepare a variety of map products.

While certain map products are prepared at a statewide or county scale, maps are commonly produced at a 1:24,000 scale corresponding to U.S. Geological Survey topographic quadrangle maps. At this scale, the standard accuracy of mapping is usually within (plus or minus) 45 feet.

Map Update Email Notification
To receive notice via email about updates to the State Plan Policy Map, please email the Office.

State Plan Policy Map
The official map of the New Jersey State Development and Redevelopment Plan is called the State Plan Policy Map. The scale of the official map is 1:24,000. A series of maps produced at this scale, which match the 7.5 minute scale geographic quadrangle maps produced by the United States Geological Survey, are available in hard copy format from the Office of Smart Growth as well as in various digital formats.

Maps updated December 02, 2015

Statewide Maps
JPEG format [jpg 942K]
Standard format [pdf 5.3M]
Detailed format [pdf 21.1M]
County Maps
Northeast Counties [pdf 11.2M] (Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Union)
[pdf 5.8M]
[pdf 10.5M]
[pdf 4.7M]
Cape May
[pdf 3.8M]
[pdf 3.3M]
[pdf 4.8M]
[pdf 4.6M]
[pdf 3.5M]
[pdf 6.9M]
[pdf 6.3M]
[pdf 6.9M]
[pdf 7M]
[pdf 5.8M]
[pdf 5.2M]
[pdf 8.2M]
[pdf 3.7M]
[pdf 6.5M]
Regional Maps
Northern Counties [pdf 10.8M]
Central Counties [pdf 14.6M]
Southern Counties [pdf 11.7M]
Smart Growth Area Map
Smart Growth Areas [pdf 7.4M] (Statewide)
Maps from the 2001 State Development and Redevelopment Plan
Agricultural Soils [pdf 2800k]
Drinking Water Supply Surface Sources
Groundwater [pdf 1500k]
Habitats [pdf 2300k]
Ordering Printed Maps

Printed maps are temporarily unavailable.

Please refer to prices and instructions on the Map Order Form. Quad maps should be selected using the map index, using the map of municipalities as a guide. Statewide, regional and county scale display maps are also available. All map orders must be prepaid. Please contact the office for ordering and more information. Prices and availability subject to change.
Quad Map Index [pdf 128k]
Map Order Form [pdf 44k]