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State Planning Act

The State Planning Act created the New Jersey State Planning Commission and the Office of State Planning.

The Act established the following mandates for the Commission:

  • prepare and adopt within 36 months after the enactment of the Act, and revise and re-adopt at least every three years thereafter, a State Development and Redevelopment Plan which shall provide a coordinated, integrated and comprehensive plan for the growth, development, renewal and conservation of the State and its regions;
  • prepare and adopt as part of the State Plan a long-term infrastructure needs assessment, which shall provide information on present and prospective conditions, needs and costs with regard to State, county and municipal capital facilities;
  • develop and promote procedures to facilitate cooperation and coordination among State agencies and local governments;
  • provide technical assistance to local governments;
  • periodically review State and local government planning procedures and relationships;
  • review any bill introduced in either house of the Legislature which appropriates funds for a capital project; and
  • take all actions necessary and proper to carry out the provisions of the Act.

The State Development and Redevelopment Plan defines a comprehensive strategy to achieve the goals enumerated in the State Planning Act. The Act instructs the State Planning Commission to prepare, adopt, revise and update the State Plan in consultation with local governments. The Plan should establish statewide planning objectives, coordinate planning activities and guide policies concerning economic development, urban renewal, natural resource preservation, land use, other infrastructure improvements and capital expenditures. It should also identify areas for growth, limited growth, agriculture, open space conservation and other appropriate designations. In addition, the Plan is to promote development and redevelopment in a manner consistent with sound planning and where infrastructure can be provided at private expense or with reasonable expenditure of public funds.

The Office of State Planning is required to publish an annual progress report on achieving the goals of the State Planning Act. It should include a discussion of the State Plan's effectiveness in promoting consistency among municipal, county and State plans, and an accounting of the State's capital needs and progress towards providing housing where such a need is indicated.