In the event of a major storm or emergency, we suggest that those who wish to volunteer visit:

If you are seeking help?
Dial 2-1-1 or visit:
The mission of the Governor's Office of Volunteerism is to support NJ's 1.6 million volunteers with training and recognition while matching community needs in partnership with volunteer centers, disaster response organizations, business volunteers, schools, colleges, faith-based organizations and community organizations.
Members of the Governor’s Advisory Council on Volunteerism and Community Service
Edward J. O’Malley, Chair
William J. Kettleson, Vice Chair
John Callahan, Chair Emeritus

William C. Applegate
Raymond R. Lill
Charles E. Archbald, II
Kim Saunders, Esq.
Joseph M. Geleta
Kathryn T. Gollotto, D.O.
Thomas R. Reilly
Hans Dekker
Morris M. Lenczicki
Janet P. Sharma
David C. Warshaw
Brian E. Dean
Arlene M. Meyers
Elaine R. Sterling,
Michael J. Bzdak
Carol A. McKinney
Sharon Nzwalla Ryan
Linda H. Michalski
Florence L. Demming
Walter S. Vincent, III, Ph.D.
Timothy Hearne
Kathleen Tontarski
Brandon J. Pugh
Lee A. Mrowicki, Jr.

Rowena Madden, Director
NonProfit Information

New Jersey's Nonprofit Information Center web portal serves as a one-stop shop for nonprofits in New Jersey seeking to utilize various funding sources and volunteer opportunities available through the State.
Contact the Governor's
Office of Volunteerism
Governor's Office of Volunteerism
P.O. Box 456
Trenton, NJ 08625

Tel: (609) 633-9627
Fax: (609) 777-2939

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New Jersey Governor's Conference on Volunteerism and Service

Governor's Conference on Volunteerism and Service

The New Jersey Governor's Office on Volunteerism was proud to host our bi-annual conference, "The 2016 New Jersey Conference on Volunteerism and Service: The Power of Partnerships".
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Season of Service

Season of Service

It’s the Season of Service and continuing the success of previous service initiatives, this year’s activities will continue to serve New Jersey’s most vulnerable residents. Looking for volunteer opportunities? Not sure how you can help? There are many volunteer opportunities happening around the state that you can be a part of. The ways you can help are endless.
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The Governor’s Office on Volunteerism Survey of Partnerships Between New Jersey’s Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations

Partnerships between businesses and non-profit organizations are an important component of community service in New Jersey. “Business Engagement (BE) Programs” take many forms, including but not limited to companies’ endorsement or support of volunteer work undertaken by their employees, organized donation of free labor and skills-based assistance, mentor programs, company-wide drives, and other endeavors intended to benefit nonprofit organizations and further their missions.
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How Volunteers Can Assist Flood Victims From Home - A New Red Cross Concept

The American Red Cross – New Jersey Region  is seeking adult volunteers in NJ to assist by phone, those families that are impacted by disasters in other states. The Red Cross  is looking for people who have telephone, computer and internet access who can devote 3-4 hours per day for a 2 week time commitment to help provide information to families on where they can get local shelter, food and other assistance. You will be working from your own home anytime or from one of our Red Cross offices during regular business hours (8:30-4:30). Free training and support will be made available once you have completed your application. If interested, please e-mail the Red Cross at and put “Virtual Call Agent” in the subject line.

Lieutenant Governor Guadagno Recognized the 2016 Governor’s Jefferson Award Recipients

2016 Governor’s Jefferson Award Recipients

On June 6, 2016, Lieutenant Governor Guadagno recognized the 2016 Governor’s Jefferson Award recipients at an awards ceremony at the Newark Museum. The 22 honorees, selected from 583 nominees, are among the 1.5 million New Jersey volunteers who provide more than 170 million hours of service each year. The Lieutenant Governor acknowledged the import of their work: “Whether working as individuals or as part of teams, volunteers have demonstrated the very meaningful impact of compassion and service to others. We celebrate and congratulate this year’s medalists who personify these qualities and serve as role models for their fellow citizens.”
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New Jersey is proud to have volunteers of diverse
backgrounds – and species.

The Tri-State K-9 Crisis Response Team

The Tri-State K-9 Crisis Response Team provides registered therapy dogs who attended this year’s conference of the NJ Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters, which brought together nearly 200 disaster volunteers (mostly human) on April 13. The K-9s visit children and adults who have been affected by disasters to offer kindness and to bring smiles to those who have lost so much. Their email address is

Trenton Digital Initiative —
Getting Computers to Trenton Families In Need

Trenton Digital Initiative Image Donations and Volunteers Needed

The Trenton Digital Initiative (TDI) empowers families and individuals by distributing free computers and providing low-cost, high-speed Internet access to Trenton residents in need. Computer training, and other important skills, are also provided. Approximately 10,000 Trenton families either do not own a computer or do not have access to one. To date, over 600 computers have been delivered to individuals and families in Trenton and more are on their way.
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Scholarships for Students Who Volunteer

Students Who Volunteer ImageScholarships for students who have demonstrated a strong commitment to volunteerism are available from a variety of sources.

These tips will help students at all levels of their education locate and apply for scholarships and awards dedicated to students actively engaged in community service.
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