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Crash Records

1997 to 2000 Raw Data Overview

Note: Information is provided "as is" as it exists on the NJDOT Crash Database. Please refer to the NJTR-1 Form Code Index (R-8/95) for details pertaining to codes and the key to the raw data where appropriate. This file represents data most used by public and private agencies. A list of items not contained in the file provided is shown below. Also, please be aware that some 1999 data is contained in 'countyname'00.txt file because some Control Numbers were improperly assigned to 1999 accident data when the database was first populated. Such records are at the beginning of each '00' data file.

Our raw data is displayed in comma delimited format.

  1. Control Number represents a unique accident report (first page). Any letters that follow represent subsequent pages of that accident report. (A = page 2, B= page 3, etc). A pound sign (#) means that 25% of the accident report was unreadable and therefore the data for that record may be incomplete.

  2. An intersection is designated when field 56 = "AT" or when field 56 = ('FE' or 'FT') and field 55 < 30 or when field 56 = ('M ' or 'ME') and field 55 < 10.

  3. Day of Week (field 47) was omitted from the database and if desired must be computed by the requestor.

  4. Data for the Fields (col 1 in the File Layout table) represent data for only the appropriate report page. For instance, "Total Injured" cannot exceed 5 for any one report page since there is a maximum of 5 occupants per page. Likewise, there cannot be more than 2 vehicles involved per page.

  5. To determine if at a RR, use Sequence of Events.

  6. Some data may not be repeated on subsequent pages of an accident report.

  7. SRI and SRI Milepost were recently added to the database. They apply only to records whose Road System = 1, 2, or 3 and whose Route Number is 1 - 499 or 700.

  8. List of data not included:
Field Number(s)
Ramp Information 59 - 62
Latitude, Longitude 63, 64
Vehicle Policy, Ins Code 65, 66, 88, 89
Drivers Name 67, 90
Drivers Street Address 68,91
Drivers License and Expiration 70, 93
Drivers Eye Color 73, 96
Owner/Vehicle Info 75-79, 82-84,98-102, 105-107
Vehicle Plate Number 80,103
Areas Damaged; Initial/Principal 85
Hazmat Placard Nos .
USDOT/ICC Carrier Nos 110-111
Vehicle weights 112
Carrier Name 113
Police Narrative 114
Oper., Charge, Summons 116, 117
Reviewed By Info 120, 121
Damage To Other Property 115
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