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Top Debtors Listings

PO BOX 269
TRENTON, N.J. 08695-0269

About the Top Debtors Listings . . .

The New Jersey Division of Taxation publishes information pertaining to the largest uncollected tax liabilities owed to the Division of Taxation. All detail provided on the Division's website is public information as a result of the Division having a docketed judgment filed with the New Jersey Superior Court. Debtor information may also be obtained directly from the Superior Court at phone number (609) 421-6100.

Each debtor appearing on these lists was notified of the docketed judgment by 1st class mail and given an opportunity to resolve the outstanding tax liability and avoid appearing on this list. The current amount of tax, penalty and interest due may differ from the docketed judgment amount as a result of partial payments made against the judgment amount and/or accrual of additional penalty and interest. In addition, debtors may appear that have resolved the liability since their appearance on this list and are in the process of being removed.

Debtors appearing in these listings are encouraged to contact the Division of Taxation to make arrangements for payment by calling (609) 943-5000. The Division of Taxation will continue to provide all taxpayers with the information and assistance necessary to comply with their tax responsibilities.

Largest Business Taxpayers

Largest Individual Taxpayers

Last Updated: Tuesday, 01/26/16

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